Tractor "Foton": technical specifications, models

Speaking of mini tractors, one can not help recalling the technique of the Chinese manufacturer Foton. The technique of this company is reliable and quality. For this several times I received prestigious awards and awards. The Foton tractor is assembled in accordance with international standards (in particular, ISO 9001). High quality products, coupled with low cost, did not go unnoticed. The machinery of the enterprise is popular not only in China, but also in the USA, Russia and European countries. The dealer network covers 57 countries on the territory of different continents.

Application area

Tractor "Photon" refers to the universal technique. It can be used in various fields of activity. It is used in agriculture, construction, utilities and so on.

Aggregated tractor with various units: hinged, semi-mounted, trailed. And the mount can be on a two-point or three-point scheme to choose from. The use of a front loader or a blade allows the tractor to be used for loading (unloading) work, for cleaning snow or debris. Together with the trailer, the tractor can be used for the transport of goods.

Technical features

The Foton wheel tractor can be produced in various sizes. Weight can vary from 1 to 6.7 tons. Power units are installed Chinese or imported. In any case, they comply with the "Euro-2" standard. Leading bridges are manufactured in Italy. Two-stage clutch - in Germany.

The gearbox is always mechanical. Only the speed range changes: 8 + 8, 16 + 16, 16 + 8. PPC allows you to give the movement accuracy and maneuverability. In addition to the clutch, the steering wheel is equipped with a hydraulic booster. It improves controllability, gives smoothness and convenience to work.

Disk braking system wet type. This increases the braking force, ensuring reliability and traffic safety.

Cab and equipment

Depending on the weight category and the size of the car, the cab can be of two types:

  • Glazed (can be equipped with ROPS protection).
  • Open (has protection from overturning).

The dashboard is very convenient. It is something like a car. All devices and switches are ergonomically arranged. Due to this, the operator can concentrate on the work performed, rather than searching for the desired switch. All sensors are intuitively clear, the values on them are clearly visible. At the request of the buyer, the tractor "Photon" can be equipped with an audio system, a charger for gadgets or air conditioning.

A large area of glazing improves the view. Flat floor is a distinguishing feature of the tractor "Foton". User reviews confirm that it is much easier to operate the tractor. All levers and pedals are located on the side of the operator, which simplifies control.

Advantages of the Foton technique

Speaking about the advantages that the tractor "Foton" possesses, we can single out the following:

  • A wide variety of models, allowing you to choose the right size and layout.
  • The engines are of high quality, referring to the Euro-2 standard. It has a low fuel consumption. This reduces the level of emissions.
  • A comfortable cab with ergonomically positioned instruments, which increases the comfort and convenience of the operator during operation.
  • The tractor is able to be aggregated with attachments from various manufacturers. It is not necessary for him to use aggregates of Chinese production.
  • Use of mechanisms from world manufacturers, differing modern design. This makes the technique even more reliable and practical.

These are the main advantages of tractors of this manufacturer.

The lineup

The list of models of tractors "Photon" is very large. It includes variants with rear and front-wheel drive. Consider a few of the most popular models with different characteristics.

To work on the site, the Foton TE-240 is suitable, which has good cross-country ability and small dimensions. It is equipped with a diesel engine with three cylinders. It produces 24 horsepower. This rear-wheel drive model with a ground clearance of 347 millimeters.

The tractor "Photon 244" is of high quality and low cost (about 370 thousand rubles). Suitable for working on land, building and so on. The power of the three-cylinder engine is 25 horsepower. Full drive allows you to overcome all difficult sections of the road.

The Foton 354 tractor is a universal model. Suitable for agriculture, utilities, construction and so on. Allows you to work in all weather conditions. Among the technical characteristics is to allocate a full drive, power unit with a capacity of 35 horsepower, power steering, drum brakes.

The most powerful model is the Photon TA-604. The engine produces 60 horsepower. This model with a full drive, a ground clearance of 290 millimeters, an increased number of modes of manual transmission (4 + 1) * 4.

Owners who have already tried the tractor "Foton" in the work, are satisfied with the chosen technique. In addition to good technical characteristics, it has high quality and reasonable price.

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