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Tips for flower growers: how to get rid of midges in flower pots

Plants, just like humans, can suffer and ache, they are harassed by all sorts of diseases and pests. If you are tired of age-old problems with flowers - rot, small insects, unpleasant odor and unhealthy appearance, then it's time to think how to get rid of midges in flower pots.

Reasons for the appearance of insects

Usually, having noticed that our "green friends" were hit by midges, we begin to think about fighting the parasite. But it is equally important to know the causes of this phenomenon. On the flowers are most often settled secyrides. These are small insects of whitish shade, their life cycle is associated with the laying of larvae in the ground (in winter). Those, in turn, negatively affect the roots of plants. A wrong watering, when the soil is excessively moistened, and the heat of the apartment is an ideal component for the rapid growth and development of the larvae. It turns out that we should not think about how to get rid of midges in flower pots, but how to destroy their harmful larvae. They, by the way, can get to you from the ground from the store, from the street (if the plant was exposed to open air) or through the ventilation system.

Moss in violets. How to get rid?

Sciarid can be seen most often in pots with senpolia. But this does not mean that they selectively affect a plant of only one species. Unfortunately, practice shows that over the problem of how to get rid of midges in flower pots, one has to ponder the breeders of fuchsia, begonias, balsamans. Most often their "victims" are plants with soft leaves and young shoots. There is a whole complex of measures how to get rid of flower gnats. As already mentioned, larvae need moisture and high air temperature, so you should change the regime of watering the plant, avoid unnecessary moistening of the soil. On warm sunny days, place the flowers in a cool, darkened place. If you have already noticed a mosquito at home, make a weak solution of potassium permanganate and treat them to the top layers of the earth in pots. Also effective means is the regular spraying of plants with an alkaline solution, for this purpose a simple laundry soap is best suited. Separate 20 grams from a piece, grind it on a grater and dilute in 1 liter of warm water. If these funds are inactive, and you are again facing the problem of how to get rid of midges in flower pots, you will have to resort to chemical drugs.

Prevention of infection

  1. Avoid overflowing water into the soil, and drain its surplus from the pallets.
  2. Do not be too lazy to process the purchased soil. Larvae perish if the ground is properly warmed up (for example, with boiling water) or freeze.
  3. Watch for the state of the flower, in time remove the wilted buds or leaves.
  4. With the help of drainage, keep the top layer of soil in the pots dry.
  5. From time to time, spray flowers with a solution of soap or a special remedy against the sciarids.
  6. Separate infected plants from healthy ones so that the midge does not spread to healthy shoots.
  7. If you suspect that the larvae are already present, stick a match in the pot with a sulfur head into the ground. Do not like them and the smell of garlic, crusts of citrus.

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