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The series "City of Special Purpose": actors, roles, short story

The most popular television films, as a rule, belong to the criminal genre. In the same style, the Petersburg series "City of Special Purpose" was staged, the actors of which cope in the frame with tasks that the ordinary police can not do. What is the story of the new series from "Channel 5" and who played the main roles in it?

Creators of the series

In 2014, specially for "Channel 5", she shot a multi-part film "City of Special Purpose". Actors in the project were invited from the St. Petersburg theaters. The first season premiered in October 2015.

In the director's armchair was Denis Neimand, who also removed the psychologist "Tin", the mystical thriller "Tower", and in 2016 he began filming the detective "Apperkot for Hitler."

At once five people appeared in the scenario group: Sergei Koshcheev ("Freud's Method-2"), Yuri Greceanii ("Freud's Method-2"), Alexander and Katerina Bachilo ("Tower"), Igor Tkachenko ("Man without the Past").

Pavel Fomintsev ("Inspector Cooper", "Major of police") worked behind the camera.

The producers were Gia Lordkipanidze ("Touch to the sky", "The stolen wedding"), Alexander Shane ("Star", "Inhabited Island"), Dmitry Soshnikov ("Major and Magic", "Bounty hunter"), Ilya Gavryutin.

Short story

The series "City of Special Purpose" is a story about a special unit called "City" and its work in a megacity.

"City" comes to help law enforcement agencies in the most difficult moments: when it is necessary to release hostages, hold talks with terrorists, detain and track down criminals in crowded places, and do it so that not one innocent is harmed.

In the first series, the main characters of the film face hostage-taking in the spa salon. The situation is interesting because among the captured people was one of the members of the unit "City".

In the second series, an emergency happened at the wedding: a young man, rejected by the bride, mined the hall and took all the guests hostage. His main condition was that from now on the wedding would be celebrated, but on the spot of the groom he was.

The first season of the project included 12 series. The film never mentions the city in which the action takes place, although the shooting took place in St. Petersburg.

"City of Special Purpose": actors. Georgy Marishin in the role of "Uncle"

The role of the captain from the division "City" went to the St. Petersburg actor Georgy Marishin. Filmography of George, a graduate of the VMIOLU them. Dzerzhinsky, has 72 projects.

Marishin first appeared on the screen in 2003, having played a number of episodic roles in the TV series Mongoose, Crime in the Modernist Style, Streets of Broken Lights-5 and SOS. Usually from George in the frame it was required to demonstrate their physical strength. Marishin was easy to do this, because he is a master of sports in hand-to-hand combat and a candidate for master of sports in athletics.

He had to wait for the main role until 2015, until the "Special Purpose City" appeared on the screens, the actors of which instantly became famous. Prior to this Marishin limited to episodes in such TV series as "Shamanka", "Streets of Broken Lights", "Pregnancy Test" and "Call Sign of the Pack."

Mark Gavrilov as Rambo

Gavrilov Mark Vadimovich, a graduate of LGITMiK and a member of the "Theater on Foundry" troupe, received in the project "Channel 5" the role of Captain Alexander Prokofiev named Rambo.

The series "City of Special Purpose" - the only film in the filmography of Gavrilov, where he got the main role. Prior to this, the actor played only as a supporting actor and participated in the episodes.

On account of Mark Vadimovich's participation in the series "Streets of Broken Lights", "NLS Agency", "Nero Wolf and Archie Goodwin", "Golden Ball Agency", "Time to Love" and others. The last work of the artist - the role of Bergman in the detective "Bounty Hunter" with Peter Kislov in the title role.

Maria Kapustinskaya in the role of Masha

Maria Kapustinskaya, a graduate of SPbGATI, in the film "City of Special Purpose" was assigned the role of the psychologist of the "City" group, Senior Lieutenant Maria Chernova.

Kapustinskaya began her career in 2000 with the series "OBZh." In 2006 she played in one of the episodes of "Sea Devils".

For the first time the main role went to the girl in 2011 in the series "Counter flow": then Maria happened to play a senior police lieutenant Oksana Zatsepin. In 2014, the actress was entrusted with another major role: in the project "Nevsky" of the NTV channel, Kapustinskaya played Semenov's wife.

In 2016 Maria will appear at once in two projects: "Ascent to Olympus" and "Fugitives".

Other performers of roles

The commander of the group "City" was played by actor Igor Sergeyev. Sergeev has been acting in films since 1992. The main role was assigned to him only once - in the drama Oatmeal. Igor Sergeyev also starred in the films "Streets of Broken Lights", "Mole" and "Slaughter Force". In the series "Anna Herman" the actor got the role of the bakery director.

Maxim Belborodov appeared in the frame in the image of Captain Konev. The actor starred in 40 films, among them - "Police Station" and "Method".

Operatives from the "City" group also played Dmitry Tkachenko ("Mentovskie Voiny"), Andrei Isaev ("His own") and Alexei Semenov ("Streets of Broken Lanterns").

In the episodes appeared Gesha Menshikov ("Bounty Hunter"), Andrei Pynzar ("Police Saga") and Eduard Sergienya ("The Plague") .

Reviews about the show

The film "City of Special Purpose" definitely has its fans. On the site kino-teatr the series is rated at 7 points out of 10 based on reviews of 32 voters.

In general, the audience appreciates the actors' play and the exciting plot. But to some representatives of the audience certain scenario turns seem too "far-fetched". Perhaps, the series will continue, as the ratings of the first season turned out to be quite good.

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