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The River Vis is one of the most picturesque places in Russia

There are a lot of rivers in the northern republic of Russia (Komi). The names of many of them were invented long ago by ancestors and have survived to the present day. One of them is the river Vis.

General information

The word "vis" in the Komi language means "the channel connecting the lake and the river". The River Vis is located in the European part of the Russian Federation, in the Republic of Komi (Arkhangelsk region).

The source of the reservoir is located at the second largest relict lake - Sindor. The mouth of the Wys is located 42 kilometers along the left bank of the river Ioser. The water artery is a tributary of Veslyany, which is located in a marshy area and passes through the taiga and low-lying meadows.


According to the water register of the Russian Federation, the river in Komi belongs to the Dvina-Pechora district, which appeared in 2006. The river basin of the river spreads from the Northern Dvina to the White Sea. The reservoir is located on the Russian territory and occupies twenty-six kilometers in length. It has two tributaries - the Simva and Tobys. After the connection with the second, it is renamed to Yosseri.

The River Vis is a shallow pond that is fed from the lake. It slightly deviates in the hollow of glacial waters. The bed is sufficiently tortuous. The banks, covered with numerous bushes, are located quite low. In the waters of the Vis inhabits a lot of fish - roach, ruff, perch, pike. In winter, the river serves as a channel through which fish migrate from the lake to the largest rivers.

This waterway is also of great historical importance. In the vicinity of the river, archaeologists found traces of settlements of primitive people. There is a version that in this place many years ago there was a prehistoric sea.

How to get there

Severe beauty of the nature of the North enchants tourists who come here. People who visited the Republic of Komi understand that the nature of these places is really beautiful. A large number and species diversity of river fish attract fishermen.

You can get to the river Vis by the route "Syktyvkar - Ukhta". To get on the dirt road to the village of Sindor, near which there is a picturesque pond, you need to think carefully about which car to choose for the trip. The road is washed out due to frequent rains, so it's better to stay on the variant of a car with high traffic. It should also be remembered that the surrounding area is covered with swamps and marshlands.

Having sailed a few kilometers along the Wis, you can see the beautiful taiga lake Sindor, which journalist I. Shergin compares with a mirror. It beckons with its crystal water and coolness.

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