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The real name of Tanya from Univer, or How Valentina Rubtsova became an actress of one role

August 25, 2008 on the channel TNT was shown the first series of the comedy series "Univer". After that, the actors who performed the main roles woke up famous. Fans of the television series quickly became interested in his characters. The modest Tanya from Univer also fell in love with them . The actress, who played it in the television series, literally became a hostage to her role. Nobody could have thought that Valentina Rubtsova had already had a rich track record of an actress and a singer.

At the beginning of the journey

She knew that she would become an actress, as a child. True, almost nobody believed in it. After all, she was born in a small town in the Donetsk region, and besides was the third child of five in a large family of Rubtsovs. But even at school little Valya took an active part in local plays and concerts. The girl's enthusiasm was supported in every possible way by the grandfather, the director of the local amateur theater.

And the result did not keep itself waiting. In 1994, Valentina Rubtsova received an invitation to work immediately in 2 local theaters. She preferred the Donetsk regional theater of the young spectator. For 2 years of work she played dozens of roles in almost all performances. And, after the role of "travesty", it would seem, was fixed for her forever, Valentina decides to storm Moscow. So begins her thorny path to glory future Tanya from Univer, whose real name many do not remember.

Life in Moscow

1996 was a turning point in the life of the actress. She manages to fulfill her dream by enrolling in GITIS the first time. But the joy of victory was overshadowed by the fact that it was necessary to pay for the studies. Neither Vali's parents, nor she herself had such money. After a long search and going through the offices, she still managed to find the right amount. This was one of the key moments in her life. After all, if it had not been for the help of the local chief of the Internal Affairs Directorate, it is possible that the real name of Tanya from Univer could become another.

But Valentina Rubtsova herself was not too lazy during her studies. She constantly participated in a variety of castings and tests and even acted in episodic roles. As a result, she was noticed, and in 1998 the producer center of Igor Matvienko invited her to participate in the popular group "Girls". And since 2003 she worked in famous musicals "12 chairs" and "Cats".

Starry hour

Today it is difficult to imagine, but the real name of Tanya from Univer could be completely different. The fact that TNT plans to shoot a new comedy series, Valentina Rubtsova learned quite by accident. Garik Martirosyan told about the passing casting just during a friendly conversation. And, without hesitation, Valya decided to come to the test, and she was approved for the role of an excellent student Tanya Arkhipova. But the actress at that time was already 31 years old. This fact, by the way, amazed many fans who were looking for information about what real name Tanya from Univer.

Indeed, it is hard to believe, stroking Valentine Rubtsov, that she is older than her heroine for almost 10 years. What is the secret of such a youth, the actress does not hide. In the past, an athlete, she leads a healthy lifestyle, engaged in yoga and adheres to vegetarianism. But, perhaps, it's not just that. All colleagues mark Valin's friendly disposition. Easy on the rise, she loves her role in "Univer", above all, for the humor that reigns on the site.

In 2011, the shooting of the youth series on TNT was completed. But the fans are still interested in Tanya's real name from Univer. The fact is that it was decided to remove a separate sequel about the two heroes from it, and it got the name "Sasha Tanya". Will it be as successful, time will tell. But in the talent of the comedic actress Valentina Rubtsova no one doubts.

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