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The movie "Roommate": actors and their roles

In 2011, the screen came a psychological thriller directed by Christian Christiansen's "Roommate." The actors of the film quickly aroused the interest of many spectators. According to the story, the girl Sarah goes to college and when she enters the dormitory she gets acquainted with her new neighbor, Rebecca. Friendship is fastened quite quickly, but after growing into a mania of one of the students. Let us consider the actors of the film and their role in more detail.

Minka Kelly as Sara Matthews

It is difficult to imagine the role of a bright, determined and strong Sarah someone else, and after all, she did not plan to act in films. In adolescence, acting courses were just a hobby, Minka wanted to become an operating sister, to which she learned, and after four years worked as a beautician. In parallel, starring in small roles on television, she entered into the taste and decided at all costs to become a full-fledged actress. Her childhood was easy to name carefree, my mother worked as a stripper at night, and in the daytime she drained all the money from Minka in shopping centers for outfits. The girl herself reminisces about these times with a smile on her face. Her heroine is a bright and interesting girl who has come to learn a designer and realize her cherished dream. She does not mind making new friends and going to a party, a real friendly roommate. The actors of other roles played no less interesting.

Leighton Meester in the role of Rebecca Evans

The actress is known to the general public for the role of Blair Waldorf in the cult TV series "Gossip Girl". In the movie "Roommate" she initially tried for the role of Sarah, but the director decided that it would fit a more difficult role. Rebecca, like Blair from Gossip Girl, has one thing in common - they're both from rich families, which made them spoiled and fucked up. Leighton herself did not know what it was like to live in abundance, her parents were selling marijuana, and eventually they were put in. Mother of the actress spent her entire pregnancy in prison, and only for 3 months she was released so she could give birth and have a little time with her daughter, and then return to serve her punishment again. Despite all the difficulties Leighton was able to succeed in a big movie. Rebecca's role was not so easy to play. A stone insensible face, cruelty in her eyes - all this she was able to convey in the best possible way.

Cam Gigandet as Steven Morterelli

The main male role went to a charming American actor. In the story Sarah meets his hero at a student's party, and between them appear notes of mutual passion. After, like in the classics of the genre, the main characters are fastened a love story, which, however, immediately interferes with a roommate. Actors were able to play a real drama, one might even say, a love triangle. Rebecca with an unhealthy mania is trying to keep her friend, but Stephen is not going to give in.

Other actors of the movie "Roommate"

In addition to Sarah and Rebecca, other girls lived in the hostel. One of them is Tracy Morgan, played wonderfully by Alison Michalka. She starred in the series "Infernal cats", in the film "The Princess of Ice" and even became famous as a singer. Her heroine, trying to make friends with Sarah, learned on herself what it's like when a roommate is angry with you.

Actors from the youth series "The Vampire Diaries" also took part in the shootings. Katerina Graham and Nina Dobrev played former girlfriends Rebecca, who met her and Sarah in a cafe. Nina admitted in her Twitter account that she was in a lot of scenes, but they decided to cut them, and they had to settle for Katerina with one small scene.

Another handsome actor in the film was Matt Lanter, who played the former guy Sarah Jason Tanner. The young man became famous due to his leading role in the youth series "90210: The New Generation". Scenes with his participation are not so many, but even this did not stop to draw attention to the film of his fans.

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