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The magic of origami for children

All of us in childhood adored to fold from paper a variety of figures. So why not teach this fantastic and magical skill of our children? In Russia, the tradition of creating paper crafts came from Japan, where the origami technique reached perfection.

Origami for children is not only an exciting activity. It helps to develop a child's assiduity, patience, attentiveness, ability to imitate and, most importantly, improves fine motor skills, which develops so important at a very early age. But that's not all! Creating beautiful crafts, the child will learn to appreciate the beautiful, he will have his own artistic style, will develop creative abilities.

Adults, giving the child an example, will be able to achieve good results. At first the kid will simply help to create, and in due course will want and independently to make a paper model origami for children, whether it is a cat, chanterelle or a boat.

Sometimes it is very difficult for a child to understand how a variety of crafts are made from a regular sheet of paper. Therefore, there is nothing strange in the fact that children really like this activity. After all, it is akin to the tricks that a real magician shows. Having learned to create amazing things on your own, the child will not only be happy with the result, but will also master the technique so that he can surprise his peers.

With the help of origami for children, you can create a lot of interesting figures. Of great interest are the moving origami, with which you can later play. There are origami toys with talking muzzles of little animals. With their help you can deploy a real puppet show, dressing the figures on your fingers. No less fun and attractive look inflatable origami toys, which are filled with air or water.

Begin learning origami for children with the most basic elements such as a square, triangle or other geometric shapes. Gradually, you can move on to more complex tasks. For example, fold the paper origami for children "boat", which is easy enough to do. And there is no need to dwell in detail on the description of the scheme.

Perfectly trained his hand on simple paper models, the child's ability and imagination are so played out that he can create for himself, for example, origami for children "cat".

To create a cute kitty, you need a simple piece of paper, the size of which depends on how much you want to get a big figure. On the diagram it is quite simply and understandably shown the stages of work.

  1. The square is folded in half diagonally.
  2. The corners of the base of the triangle on the side of the fold are wrapped to its apex.
  3. The resulting "wings" again fold in half, so that the tops of small triangles form cat ears.
  4. The free bottom edge of the sheet bends upward, and the figure turns over on the opposite side.
  5. The lateral corners are inserted inwards.
  6. The bottom edge rises, and the corner is wrapped inside.

The cat is ready, it remains only to draw her a muzzle according to her taste and desire.

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