The city of Cherepovets - what area?

In very rare cases, a city that is not an oblast center is larger than the latter. And it is to such cities that Cherepovets belongs. What area it is, yet worth knowing. It will be easier to orient, if you decide to visit this wonderful city in all respects.

Cherepovets: geography and climate

In the north-west of Russia is the city of Cherepovets. What area is this, many already, perhaps, guessed - Vologda. This regional center is located 120 km from Cherepovets.

The city is located on two rivers - Yagorba and Sheksna, next to the Rybinsk Reservoir. Cherepovets is the intersection of several routes: the Volga-Baltic waterway, the west-east railway and the gas pipeline.

As for the weather conditions in the city, they are due to its location in the temperate climatic zone. Winters here are cold, summer months are warm, and sometimes hot. Spring and autumn in Cherepovets are characterized by frequent rains and cloudiness.

History of Cherepovets

According to archaeologists, even in the second millennium BC. E. There were settlements on the place where today Cherepovets is located. What kind of region it was in those days, you do not even have to think about it, since it is not known what kind of territorial division it was then. However, the first written mention of this settlement dates back to the 15th century.

In the 9th-10th centuries on the right bank of Sheksna there was a city that later became a modern Cherepovets. In 1360 on its territory the Resurrection Monastery was founded, around which a kind of commercial and economic center was formed. In 1777, Empress Catherine issued a decree, according to which Cherepovets received the status of the city.

As for the name, there are several versions of its appearance. According to one of them, the Cherepovese is the Finnish name of the settlement, which in translation means "tribe on the Fish Mountain". The last, most likely, was the Cathedral Hill. Specialists in the Old Russian language translated this name as "settlement on a hill". Which of these versions to believe, everyone decides for himself. Although for a modern person to get acquainted with this city, it will be enough to find out in which area Cherepovets is located and visit it.

Famous person of the city

Like the whole of Russia, the Vologda region, Cherepovets including, has become the birthplace of famous personalities, with which more than one generation is proud. Among them Alexeyeva A. A. - a teacher of drawing in Cherepovets. On her initiative, the city opened an art and music school. In addition, she made a great contribution to the development of local lore. The name of Alexeyeva AA is today Cherepovets Palace of Children and Youth Creativity.

Residents of the city are proud of the Heroes of the Great Patriotic War, the birthplace of which is Cherepovets. What kind of region it was in those days was not important, the main thing is that all the cities were able to preserve their independence. Among the most famous people of that period - navigator Malygin, pilot VI Shchelkunov, A. Rumyantsev, M. Sorokin and many others.

Cherepovets Districts

The city consists of five districts: Northern, Industrial, Central, Zarechensky and Zasheksninsky. The oldest of them is Industrial. Many of the houses here were erected in the Stalin era. It is in this area that such streets as Metallurgov, Vereshchagin, Sovetskiy Prospekt and Lunacharsky are located. It focuses the city administration and federal institutions.

From the Industrial District through the October Bridge you can get to Zasheksninsky. By the way, this ferry is the first cable-stayed bridge in Russia. Zasheksninsky is a sleeping area. Its advantage is a more cheerful appearance, because the houses here are more modern and colorful.

Zarechensky from many other districts of the city is distinguished by good ecology, because it is located in a distance from industrial enterprises, which has in its territory Cherepovets. What kind of area is this, many people know only because the largest enterprise, Severstal, is operating here. But, fortunately, it is far from Zarechensky. North is the youngest and smallest district of the city, however its level of development is very low.

Industry of the city

As already mentioned, the most famous and powerful company in the city is ZAO Severstal. This holding unites three branches: metallurgical, resource and machine building. The company provides jobs and high salaries for most of the city's population. In addition, Severstal employees are provided with good social protection. Although it is worth noting that the requirements for them are quite high.

One of the largest enterprises of Cherepovets is ZAO Metal Processing Plant No. 17, which produces galvanized reinforcing profiles for PVC windows, as well as special profiles used in machine-building, shipbuilding and many other areas.

Another powerful production facility is PhosAgro. This enterprise is engaged in the manufacture of chemical products, including phosphorus fertilizers. Here thousands of people are occupied, the place of residence of which is the city of Cherepovets. What area has more enterprises on its territory than Vologda, it's even difficult to say, and most of them are concentrated in Cherepovets.

Science and education

To receive education and comprehensive development to the services of the younger generation, kindergartens, schools, as well as numerous groups and courses. As for the graduates of schools, they have the opportunity to choose between universities and vocational schools. It is worth noting that many young people, planning to work in one of the local factories in the future, go to the vocational school.

Young people wishing to obtain higher education can choose one of the specialties offered by the Cherepovets State University or a branch of one of the largest universities in Russia. Thus, the following educational institutions have their branches in Cherepovets: FGUU "Moscow State Academy of Water Transport", St. Petersburg State Polytechnic University and SPbGIEU.

Museums in Cherepovets

If you want to know which area Cherepovets belongs to, as well as many other interesting facts about this city, then you should pay attention to the museums located on its territory. The largest museum of Cherepovets is the Local History Museum. The exhibits presented in it belong to different epochs: from the time of the foundation of the city and ending with the Soviet period.

Special attention to the guests of Cherepovets is deserved by the historical and ethnographic museum "The Galsky Manor", located in a beautiful 19th century manor house, owned by one of the noble families of the nobility. The estate has almost completely preserved its original appearance. The main exposition is the manor house, but apart from it there is a gardener's house, a stable, huts, barns and many other buildings on the territory of the estate.

Fans of painting should visit the museum Vereshchagin. He is in a house in which a great artist was born in his time. Another interesting museum is the house of IA Milyutin, exhibits of which demonstrate the life and work of an outstanding industrialist and enlightener. Among them are old books, photographs and personal belongings of the Milutin family.

Architecture of the city

Many ancient stone buildings are concentrated on Sovetskiy Cherepovets Avenue, but its main architectural landmark is the Resurrection Cathedral, founded in 1776. The interior decoration of the church is also rich in richness, despite the fact that there were times when there was not a church here.

Walking along the Soviet avenue, it is also worth paying attention to a number of houses. For example, the Palace of Marriages, in which until 1917 there was the Marian Women's Gymnasium. The main department of the Bank of Russia is a house that belonged to the merchant's former owner Mostofina. The department of the psychoneurological dispensary, erected in 1847 and owned by the influential woman in those days - merchant Volkova, whose place of residence was Cherepovets. Which region of Russia it was in those days, few will remember, but the above-mentioned buildings of the city can not be ignored when you meet him.

The October Bridge is one of the most famous architectural structures of Cherepovets, although the youngest. He was raised in 1979. This bridge is noteworthy in that, for the first time in Russia, cable technology was used for its construction.

Monuments in Cherepovets

There are also several noteworthy monuments in Cherepovets. So, on the Cathedral Hill, not far from the Resurrection Cathedral, there is a monument to the monks Theodosius and Athanasius, who, in fact, are the founders of Cherepovets. After all, it was on their initiative that the Resurrection Monastery was erected around which a settlement appeared that eventually turned into a city.

On the territory of the military institute in 2002 a monument was erected to Marshal GK Zhukov with a height of 3.45 meters. The author of the monument is the well-known Russian artist Shchepelkin AV. As for the involvement of the city in the metallurgical industry, visitors and residents of Cherepovets are reminded of the monument to the Metallurgists, which is located on the same square next to the most beautiful square.

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