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The ancient pyramid of Djoser - one of the most famous world sights

The Great Pyramids, in particular, and the Pyramid of Djoser, are one of the main attractions of Egypt. These ancient structures to this day admire and amaze both modern architects and builders, and tourists from all over the world.

The pyramid of Djoser is in Saqqara. It is the oldest stone architectural structure that has survived to this day. In addition, the Pyramid of Djoser is the first pyramid erected in Ancient Egypt. This structure has 6 steps and dimensions of 125 by 115 meters with a height of 62 meters.

This pyramid by a lucky coincidence has survived to the present day in very good condition. But over the past hundreds of years it has been partially sanded, so its modern dimensions are slightly smaller than the original ones. The construction of the Pyramid of Joser gave a tremendous impetus to the development of architecture of that time. Many principles, applied and created during the construction of the pyramid, were later used for many other buildings not only of Ancient Egypt, but also of other ancient states.

The history of the famous pyramid in the world begins in 2650 BC, when the Egyptian pharaoh Dzoser with the most talented architect of his time Imhotep decided to build the greatest in the history of mankind construction, which after the death of the pharaoh would have served him as a tomb. Initially, Imhotep suggested constructing an ordinary rectangular tomb, but in the process of work it was decided to add to the construction of steps, according to which supposedly Djoser had to rise to the sky after his death. The pyramid of Djoser was built in six stages, hence the six steps of its construction. The enormous scale of the construction was due to the fact that the structure was conceived as a family crypt, in which all the members of the family of the late pharaoh were to receive the last shelter. Only a few centuries later the pyramids began to be created only for one person.

The construction of the pyramid is very unusual. Inside it there is a huge vertical shaft with a sarcophagus of very impressive dimensions, having a round-shaped aperture at the top with a cork. Above, the dome is crowned with a dome.

For the first time archaeologists were able to penetrate the tomb during Napoleon's Egyptian campaign. Prior to this, attempts were also made that did not succeed. Archaeologists admired the view of 11 separate funerary cells in the pyramid, in which the remains of the children and wives of the pharaoh rested . The body of the same Joser was never found. It is believed that only his mummified heel survived from his remains. It is possible that the remains of the pharaoh were burned in ancient times by robbers who penetrated the pyramid with the help of various lazes discovered later. This was done, most likely, with the goal of mastering the precious ornaments that were added to the mummy of the pharaoh when mummified.

Today the pyramid of Pharaoh Joser is one of the most popular places among tourists from different countries of the world. Every year, millions of people come to Egypt to see this landmark with their own eyes. If you want to touch the antiquity with all its mysteries and mysteries, be sure to go on an excursion to the pyramid of Djoser in Egypt.

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