Sweater white - with what to wear?

A white sweater is a mandatory item in any wardrobe. It can be used in combination with almost any clothing, creating various variations of appearance. Let's figure out what it's better to wear a white female sweater and how to form a harmonious image depending on where you want to go.

How to choose a sweater for a figure?

To determine the appropriate option, it is enough to pay attention to the features of your own physique:

  1. Girls with a pear-shaped figure should be preferred to half-fitting and voluminous models. In this case, the product should end just above or below the conditional line, in which the hips have the greatest width. Add a volume in the chest area will allow a white sweater with deer, other invoices.
  2. Ladies with a figure of the "inverted triangle" type are better to pay attention to the models of tight fitting. Harmoniously combined with this version of the magnificent skirts, clothing, which visually expands the hips.
  3. Full girls are recommended to use a volumetric sweater white in the form of a tunic, slightly enlarged at the bottom. To buy a more slender look allow products with vertical stripes in combination with a long scarf that visually draws a common silhouette.
  4. If the type of the figure is a rectangle, it is necessary to fill a white sweater with trousers or jeans in front. As a result, attractive diagonals are formed that will outline the waist line.

Office Style

Oddly enough, a white women's sweater can be successfully used in forming a business image. Naturally, absolutely translucent grid and free cut will be absolutely inappropriate here. But models in the classical style have the right to life in this case.

Knitwear of fine knitting can be an ideal addition to business deuces. As for trouser suits, short knitted articles go to the waist level here.

To business skirts it is better to choose elongated, straight or fitted models of sweaters. In such cases, the skirt is worn over the knitted article. In this case, a small free wave is created in the waist region.

Casual image

It would seem that a white knitted sweater does not fit too much in the style of kazhual. However, the use of such clothes in the formation of the everyday image makes it possible to declare to others about their tenderness and once again emphasize femininity.

If in a business setting it is appropriate to resort to the use of models of uniform texture, preferably with fine knitting, then in everyday life it is worthwhile to focus on bulk knitting. An excellent solution here can be a white sweater with braids, a three-dimensional collar or wide sleeves.

A great idea is the formation of an image in the classical style. However, for a walk more original will look like a sweater with a free cut in combination with tight jeans. Such an image is better to be supplemented with leather high boots on a thin hairpin or a heel of medium height, depending on personal comfort and mood.

Romantic image

Sweater white can not be called a really practical clothing, because the material is simply dirty. However, having such clothes in the wardrobe, the girl gets the opportunity to quickly form a romantic image.

In this case, to achieve the desired appearance, it is sufficient to combine a white sweater with a brown, slightly flared skirt and shoes of a similar shade. If preference is given to the skirt of a straight cut, it is worth using an elongated knit article in combination with a wide leather belt.

To add an image of mystery, as accessories it is better to use objects made of natural materials: wood, stone, leather. Such decorations very organically fit into the overall ensemble with a white top.

Evening option

Speech, of course, is not about forming an image if you need a trip to a dinner party in a restaurant. In this situation, the classic is the only, irreplaceable option. However, the nightclub is a suitable place for appearing in a white knitted sweater. Here, such clothes can attract additional attention, stand out from the monotonous crowd.

An openwork knitted sweater looks appropriate at any solemn event. When forming the evening style, it is recommended to combine it with a thin blouse of a contrasting hue and a daring, short-fitting skirt.

A white knitted sweater can also be worn over a dark blouse with a pronounced decollete zone. In the composition with a long skirt, this option will look very original.


Giving preference to white knitted sweaters of different cuts, the girl remains in a prize in the most various life situations. Such clothing is able to bring in additional images additional brightness, freshness and originality. Among other things, the use of white things always adds positive emotions.

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