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Summary: "Three Fat Men" by Yuri Olesha

Let's remember one of the most favorite books of Soviet children - a novel-tale "Three Fat Men". Its author is the famous writer, poet and playwright Yuri Olesha. The book was translated into 17 languages, films were filmed and performances were staged. Today we will get acquainted with her story.

Yuri Olesha. "Three fat men." Summary

The action of the novel takes place in a state ruled by three fat people - greedy, evil gluttons, in every way oppressing ordinary people: artisans, small shopkeepers, poor merchants and craftsmen. The people, who languished under the yoke of greedy rulers, raised an insurrection led by armorer Prospero and gymnast-treader Tibul. This is the background. The novel begins with the fact that the uprising was crushed, Prospero arrested, and Tibul is wanted.

Summary. "Three fat men." Gaspard Arneri

The kind doctor Gaspard Arneri, a local celebrity, becomes an involuntary participant in events after he first enters the war zone, and then discovers the fugitive Tibul at home. He makes the gymnast unrecognizable, repainting it black and turning it into a Negro, but the proud leader of the uprising betrays himself in the crowd in the market, and then starts running again. Meanwhile, 10 plaques are being built on the square for the arrested participants of the uprising.

Summary. "Three fat men." Doll of the heir

In parallel with the description of events in the city, a story is told about what is happening in the palace of three Fat Men. It turns out that they live with a boy named Tutti, whom they bring up as a little prince, indulging all his whims and seeking to nurture the heir not only of their wealth and power, but also their inherent flaws. The heir does not communicate with other children, and a small company throughout his short life is a doll he loves as his only friend. But one day the doll suffered from the hand of the guard, who took the side of the insurrection, and broke down. Tutti is inconsolable in her grief, and the Fat men send her to repair to Dr. Gaspard.

All attempts to repair the breakdown were useless, because the allotted time is too short, and the doctor goes to the Fat Man's lock with the doll to ask for a reprieve. On the way, he loses the doll, and then accidentally gets into the van of the circus, comrades Tibul. Here he meets a girl Suok, who, like two drops of water, looks like a doll of the heir. Soon here comes and Tibul. Together they decide to give the young circus for the doll, in order for her to enter the palace and free the languishing Prospero in the cellar.

Summary. "Three fat men." Court

The girl coped brilliantly with her role. Everyone took her for a doll, and at night she manages to free a prisoner. The gunsmith goes through a secret underground passage, but Suok does not have time to follow him and gets under arrest. The next day, the trial of the poor girl is arranged, but she does not react to what is happening, which causes the anger of Tolstyakov and their confidants. Cruel rulers throw the circus tiger to pieces, and then it turns out that this is not a girl, but a broken doll.

Summary. "Three fat men." Decoupling

At this point, the rebels, led by their leaders - the armorer Prospero and circus Tibul, burst into the palace and captivate Tolstyakov and their retinue. The people celebrate the victory. But what happened to Tutti's heir? Despite all the efforts of his guardians, he remains a kind and sympathetic boy, besides it turns out that he is Sook's brother, kidnapped in infancy and placed in the castle of the rulers. The boy joins the troupe of strolling artists and finally gains happiness.

This is the summary of the book Three Fat Men. But in order to learn about all the adventures of the heroes described by the romantic figurative language of Yuri Olesha, read the book in the original. You will not be disappointed.

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