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Standards for athletics - from school to big sport and the army

The standards for athletics vary: they depend not only on the level of training of the athlete, but also on the age category. For example, standards are known for athletics for schoolchildren, for students, for professional athletes and so on. Naturally, for athletes the bar is much higher than the rates of ordinary students. There are tables of standards, according to which it is possible to determine the level of preparedness of one or another subject. In addition, there are discharge standards for athletics. It is they who pay attention to students of sports schools when they prepare for major competitions, where they can officially confirm their qualifications. After all, having a certain sports category is not only prestigious, but also promising. In sports universities take only dischargers, which a priori forces athletes to strive to improve their performance.

Modern requirements to the standards for athletics

If we consider the current standards in athletics, then by some indicators, they are significantly higher than those that existed several years ago. Take, for example, a run of 800 meters: today, to get the first adult rank, the athlete must run the distance for 2.02.0. To obtain CCM - for 2.00.0. If you carefully look at the standards for athletics, you can identify that to achieve results you must either train, tearing the body, or use anabolics. It is unlikely that modern methods of training - with a regime of 4-5 workouts a week - can significantly improve the condition. By the way, in order to comply with the standards for athletics, a considerable number of athletes go, if not all, then many. Now no one is surprised that young athletes add all kinds of powders to their food, and between training do not hesitate to use pills or something more serious. Of course, this did not take mass distribution, but the fact remains. Already in five to seven years, young guys turn into semi-disabled, not suitable for further sports career. But they have in their pocket a CIC or a discharger. Just what to do with it?

If we consider control standards for athletics for students in secondary schools, they more or less meet modern reality. However, given the situation with the deterioration in the overall health of our students, it is easy to predict that the standards will be reduced in the coming years. Otherwise, students simply will not get positive grades. After all, in the journals of the level of physical readiness, most of the children have a preparatory group.

Norms in the army

The army has its own standards for athletics. It is important to note that most of them are surrendered by servicemen in boots or coats. Naturally, the travel time (mileage) of the distance increases noticeably due to special outfits. Be that as it may, the army standards are quite serious, and not every senior high school student will be able to pass them on to the top five. In general, the army is a special topic for reflection. For example, to pass the standards for obtaining a "maroon beret" it is important not to run to speed: the priority here is completely different - to keep the forces for other actions (bout with the rival, passing the obstacle course, and so on). Agree, not every professional athlete will run ten or fifteen kilometers, fully laid out, on rough terrain and at the same time retain the strength for a fight and other actions that require maximum tension.

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