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Son was born: dream book. Interpretation and meaning of the dream

After returning from a wonderful country of dreams, the question often arises: what did our subconscious mind want to say and warn about, sending us this or that image? People try to understand the meaning of the dream from time immemorial, vivid examples of their precise interpretation are mentioned in history. And the famous story of how Joseph saved Egypt from starving to death, correctly interpreting Pharaoh's dream about seven well-fed, and then seven lean cows, is known from the Old Testament. Life goes on as usual, the understanding of the information received during sleep changes. But one thing remains unchanged - the universe continues to talk to a person through his night visions.

Dream Interpretation: having a son

To see successful delivery was always considered a good sign. Because this process symbolizes the receipt of profit, the implementation of the desired and reward for the labors. An important condition for the correct interpretation of sleep is its details. How and where the birth took place, what events of the history of the dream preceded this bright moment. No less important are the emotions, the way the child looked and in what mood the awakening occurred.

To get a clearer picture, sleep is divided into segments that make up it. Then determine what each of them can mean, and then tie the picture together. To dream of a healthy boy is to receive joyful news. A sick child, on the other hand, can offer discord and unpleasant troubles. What else does the dream book say about this? To give birth to a son who immediately began to grow and talk, interprets sleep as very positive. This means that your efforts and work will not only succeed, but will also create a good foundation for future profits. The vision speaks of happiness and prosperity that will accompany you.


Any dream book to give birth to a son interprets as a positive dream, if the boy is healthy. You are happy and you have made efforts to bring your child to birth, then you will be rewarded for hard work with happiness in family life, success in business and career, or you will receive pleasant news that will change your life for the better.

Childbirth at home

A very good sign is a dream in which the birth of a healthy son occurred at home. It means that luck and prosperity have come to your home. Unmarried girls like this promise a successful party for the future of marriage. If the childbirth seen was a surprise, the process itself did not leave any memories, there is a newborn, and you are confused, but at the same time pleasantly surprised, therefore, in reality wait for pleasant and unexpected news, an increase in salary, promotion, gift or surprise.

Other visions

The birth of a boy, experienced in a dream by a pregnant woman, promises her to wake up easy and fast delivery. Dreaming of breastfeeding and a newborn son, the dream book explains how to receive a certain reward for his labors. Now the fruit of your efforts will be multiplied, but you will not rest on your laurels and continue to develop what you started.

If you dreamed the birth of a son, but then he is gone, and you do not worry, then expect a pleasant, but a fleeting meeting. The dream in which the boy was born sick, but you do not give up, seek help and save him, says that when the time comes to face difficulties, but you will come out the winner from the current situation. For that, by the way, and will be rewarded with success in business and family life.

Also, sleep can be a warning about the machinations of the enemies, trying to prevent you from achieving the desired. But, thanks to the perseverance and diligence that are inherent in you, they will not be able to do this, and justice will prevail. What does it mean if you see how someone had a son? A dream interpreter interprets this vision as receiving good news from this person. It can also be a sign that you are expecting from him a financial profit.

Negative sleep

And if I dreamed that a sick son was born? The interpreter interprets this: if labor was expended during childbirth, but the child was born unhealthy (or dead), it means that in reality your efforts will not succeed. If unsuccessful births become a surprise, but you do not experience disappointment, then small quarrels, intrigues and squabbles will not especially touch you. Sleep, where you have a baby born into the illegitimate, and yet you feel shame, warns about the wrong behavior that can cause condemnation of others.

What else does the dream book say? To give birth to an ugly son or not to see his face behind the veil and to feel the fright the interpreter regards the weaver as trouble. All this can happen through your fault. Also, it can warn of wrong decisions, which can subsequently turn into trouble.

What is it, baby? Interpretation

The dream in which you own son, the dream book can be interpreted differently, depending on how the child looks. If he is healthy, smiling and having fun, then, in reality, you will feel for him pride and joy or get good news related to your child. A small son, crying in your sleep, warns of illness. She can just lie in wait for him. A dream in which the son is sick or involved in bad events warns that troubles or health problems can await him.

A child (boy) who asks for help or crying in a dream, heralds a failure in business. Therefore, you should pay attention to your environment, perhaps someone will deceive your trust.

What other interpretation of the dream book?

An adult son, dreamed of those who do not have children yet - good luck in business, career growth and salary increase, but only when he is healthy and looks good. Otherwise, your work will be in vain and will not succeed. To see your little son in a dream as adults and healthy is very good. This may mean that all your plans will come true. You will be proud of your child and yourself.

The dream in which you are conversing with your adult son is that you need his support and miss him. The nature of the conversation should also be taken into account in the interpretation. If the conversation is pleasant, then it will soon come true - you will meet with your son. But if you are unhappy with it in a dream, swear, then you will also feel discontent and will not approve of his actions. The vision in which you go with your son by the hand on the road, signifies a long happy life and a worthy old age.


Now you do not need to read the dream book. Dreamed of a son? This is a vision that, as a rule, has a positive interpretation. Though, certainly, at treatment it is necessary to consider all details.

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