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Sick stomach: ulcer and its treatment

Many people today complain that they often have a stomach ache. Ulcer, gastritis, polyps, neoplasms - a list of possible pathological conditions can still continue, but we will focus on the most common and rather dangerous disease - ulcers. It occurs due to damage to the mucous membrane of the stomach, tissues. Actually, this affliction will be discussed further.


A bleeding stomach ulcer can occur for various reasons, in particular because of inappropriate nutrition, genetic predisposition, frequent stresses, smoking, alcohol intake, certain drugs, poor-quality food (saturated with antibiotics, pesticides, hormones). However, almost 90% of patients suffer from an ulcer due to Helicobacter pylori bacteria. Although the bacteriological theory was put forward in 1980, at the scientific level it was recognized only recently - in 2005.


Patients often complain that they have a stomach ache. The ulcer is also manifested:

  • Frequent heartburn;
  • Loss of appetite;
  • Weight reduction;
  • Frequent vomiting;
  • Nausea;
  • Violation of the stool (it acquires a dark color and has a sharp unpleasant odor);
  • "Hungry pains."

At the same time, gastroenterologists claim that cases of a so-called mute ulcer occur more and more often when the disease is not manifested in any way. Such a warning from doctors makes it necessary to periodically check the stomach. An ulcer can lead to irreparable health consequences, and therefore it is not worth neglecting her treatment.


First of all, doctors pay attention to the patient's complaints and his general condition. An analysis of stool and blood is mandatory, thanks to which it is possible to obtain information about the presence / absence of infection. Diagnosis of a stomach ulcer is not complete without endoscopy. This procedure, of course, very unpleasant, but it allows the doctor to carefully examine the stomach and esophagus. If necessary, during the endoscopy, samples of stomach tissues are taken for a more detailed study.

Treatment with traditional methods

The method of treating the disease largely depends on whether Helicobacter pylori has got into the stomach. The ulcer formed with it is treated with antibiotics. In addition, the patient needs to take medications that help improve digestion, reduce acidity, heal erosion and have an enveloping effect. It is recommended to follow a diet. The daily ration should include cooked, stewed food. It is better to forget about bad habits.


In the arsenal of traditional medicine, there are many means to combat ulcers. Here are some of them:

  1. Daily drink a small amount of currant juice.
  2. Approximately 40 g propolis boil with 0.5 liters of oil. Take a mixture of 1 spoonful daily.
  3. Every day, drink 0.5 cup of broth from a dry plantain and sage.
  4. Stop bleeding stomach will help infusion from the bark of oak (proportion: 1 liter 40 grams). Take 1 spoonful several times a day.
  5. A decoction of yarrow and chamomile will help. Half a cup of this liquid will relieve spasm and pain.

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