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Shopping bag - comfortable, stylish, beautiful

For several years in the fashion universal bag-shopper. Today it is still relevant. Capacious, comfortable and very practical bags that were created for shopping, liked beautiful ladies. Today they began to be used as an everyday accessory, as well as for short trips.

Old model in a new version

You can say that the bag-shopper is a refined sister of a string bag. Now she looks stylish, while at the same time it contains at least as many purchases as her predecessor. They can be worn on the shoulder or in the hands. They differ in the variety of forms, however, they are more often rectangular or trapezoid.

What is a shopper?

This is a large enough accessory, equipped with comfortable wide handles, with large pockets, often with an open top. This is a great alternative to the usual cellophane package. As a rule, the bag-shopper is made of natural materials - cotton, suede, leather. But sometimes synthetic fabrics are used - combined or polyester.

Colors can be the most diverse - bright and colorful or monotonous. Often they are decorated with appliqués. Especially popular are samples with floral or marine themes or with geometric prints.

Each woman can choose this bag. In the stores are inexpensive models and luxury products. The bag-shopper should be in harmony with the woman's clothes, her general style. If you do not know what to choose, pay attention to this year's trendy casual products .

Models for all occasions

For everyday use, a rectangular model with a long strap that can be worn on the shoulder is suitable. The size of it can be different - it is chosen according to your needs. I must say that a bag of not very large size looks better for a woman. This option is very suitable for students.

For business ladies office shoppers will suit. They are smaller and blend well not only with a business suit, but also with fashionable dresses. These requirements are consistent with the model Holder handbag.

For active and athletic women, who travel a lot, you should pick up a sports shop. Such models are offered by Next, Puma and other manufacturers of sports goods and accessories.

The bag-shopper "Zara" is already appreciated by our compatriots. For example, a leather brown model will perfectly match with jeans-"varenkami" or with classic dark blue models. To this side, one should not wear black shoes, since experts consider this combination not the most successful.

A variety of different and original models today offers the company Zara. The bag-shopper, made of genuine leather with gold chains, will look impressive with a leather jacket and narrow trousers. Miniature girls should know that they do not really fit three-dimensional models.

There are people who do not like leopard coloring. They do not include the designers of the company "Zara", so they offer a shopper with such a print. Such a model will emphasize your personality and sense of style.

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