Service management: how to disable SMS-dialog on Beeline?

Advantageous communication via SMS is available to all Beeline customers. The operator provides a number of services that allow decently to save. What does Beeline service offer us? "SMS-Dialogue" is a rather popular service for the operator. The target group of users are people who often communicate with specific subscribers by sending text messages.

This service is provided on a fee basis and can be managed by the client. About how you can connect, how to disable the "SMS-Dialog" on the "Beeline", as well as the cost of this service will be described below.

Description of service

Due to the variety of options and additional services offered by the black-and-yellow operator, not all clients of the network know what this service represents ("Beeline"). "SMS-Dialogue" - what is it? Under this name is hidden nothing more than preferential communication via SMS with one particular subscriber. You can choose the interlocutor from the number of Beeline customers. We draw attention to the fact that one can not hope for a completely unlimited communication. Each day, a specific amount of messages is allocated for each participant. After it is exceeded, the fee will be charged for sending messages in accordance with the tariff plan. There is also an additional set of features and limitations, which will be discussed below.

Financial conditions

Activation of the service on each of the participants' numbers is free of charge, both at the first and the following times. Every day after the connection, three rubles (a subscription fee) will be withdrawn from the client's account. Write-off will occur from two numbers involved in the dialog. More than any actions within the service will not be paid (calls to numbers to activate the option, etc.).

When new users are connected to the service, on whose number this option was not previously used, a preferential system operates for the first seven days. Subscription fee for this period will not be removed from the SIM card (regardless of the role of the interlocutor).

Features of use

Service "Beeline", which is discussed in the current article, has a number of features:

  • Within one day for each of the participants in the conversation, fifty text messages are provided, which they can send.
  • You can not participate in the same subscriber in two or more dialogs. Thus, only one dialog is acceptable for the client.
  • When you connect the service to the subscriber who was the initiator, the role of the "owner" is assigned, and the person who was called into the dialogue is the "participant". At the same time, you can not have these two states.
  • Writing a monthly fee is made both from the number of the "owner" and from the SIM card of the person whom he called ("participant").


If the idea of communicating on preferential terms seems to the subscriber attractive, then in order for the service "SMS-Dialog" (Beeline) to be active on the number, you need to dial 0832 (the call is not charged). In the voice menu you can get acquainted with the terms of the service and connect it.

Also activation is available through the "Chameleon" service. After the connection is successfully carried out, the subscriber will be informed about this notification. After that, he will be asked to invite another user of the network to the dialogue. Please note that one invitation is not enough. It is important that the other subscriber agrees and accepts it.

After choosing the number with which I would like to enter into a dialogue, its owner will receive an invitation via SMS. For confirmation, he will need to throw off the " one " in the reply message to send the consent and " deuce " in the event that he does not want to enter into communication. The number from which the message will be sent is 6249 . The response SMS sent by the subscriber is also not charged.

How to disable "SMS-Dialog" on "Beeline"?

If after using the service you have a need to abandon it, then you can do it in several ways. How to disable "SMS-Dialog" on "Beeline"?

  • Send a text message to number 6249 . In the text you need to write the word STOP . In response, a notification will be received about the successful deactivation of the service.
  • Call service number 0684 21153 . Such a call is free of charge and also allows you to refuse the "SMS-Dialogue" service.


In this article, we talked about such a profitable and interesting service as SMS-Dialogue, offered by Beeline. If you often have to communicate with one person in your network, then its connection will be very useful.

After use for a symbolic subscription fee, you can deactivate it. How to disable the "SMS-Dialog" on the "Beeline", was also told in the current article. Please note that this cost may vary in different regions of the country. You can get exact data concerning a particular area on the official website of the operator. In the same article, tariffs are applied for the Moscow region.

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