Range Rover Sport 2013 continues to gain popularity in Russia

Who bought a Range Rover, he can not come home. Not because his wife scolds for the cost of the car, but because the car is equipped with everything necessary for life on board: here you have both television and an integrated telephone system. The only thing that is not, it's a jacuzzi, but let's leave this privilege to Lincoln limousines, and let's go back to Range Rover Sport. 2013 was a new round in the evolution of this SUV, which has been supplemented for three years in a row with new options for the convenience of motorists.
It would seem that much more! However, there is no limit to perfection, as one famous person said, and this quote can be safely applied to the Range Rover Sport. Reviews of car enthusiasts only foment interest in this series of cars of the concern. Today we will examine all its functions and advantages in more detail.

Range Rover Sport 2013 standard

In this chapter, we describe the factory filling of the car, its basic functions and capabilities.

External equipment:

  • In front of the machine is the Jupiter grille.
  • The upper tailgate is equipped with a spoiler.
  • Management of double-glazed windows at the touch of a button.
  • Mirror covers painted in body color.
  • Windshield with soundproofing, side front windows laminated.
  • Parking assistance back (sound sensor).
  • The headlights are bi-xenon.
  • Windshield wiper with rain sensor.

Transmission and engine:
Range Rover Sport Supercharged - this is a new word in the production of this series of cars. The engine with a similar supercharger is the most high-tech, powerful and perfect, which provides instant acceleration and enhanced torque. For the convenience of motorists and the ability to choose the functionality of an off-road vehicle for specific tasks, Range Rover offers a complete set of three types of engines: atmospheric petrol 5.0; V8 Supercharged with a supercharger 5.0; 3.0 diesel TDV6.

The supercharged supercharger allows the car to be equally perfect in running both off-road and on the highway. The six-speed transmission has the CommandShift® function, which allows you to adapt to ground conditions, driving style, and allows you to quickly adapt to any situation on the road. KP is highly sensitive and easily switches to another mode, which contributes to fuel economy and smooth running. The car is equipped with a full drive and separate for transmitting and setting a differential.
Steering and Suspension:

Excellent controllability of the car, its stability on the road and safety gives pneumatic suspension of 4 wheels. The steering is equipped with variable effort, which adds extra convenience when driving: at a low speed, the steering wheel decreases noticeably in weight and makes it easy to maneuver, but with speed dialing it becomes heavier, giving stability to the track. The steering includes the DSC (stability control system), the overturn prevention function, traction control and the slip control option, which includes a slow start when starting to slope.

Brief specification of the Range Rover Sport 2013

Here we will list the remaining stuffing of the car:

  • The salon is made of leather and precious wood, selected for the individual taste of the customer.
  • Cruise control with the adaptation to the quality of the road: scanning the soil at a frequency of once every 10 seconds.
  • Adaptation to ground conditions TERRAIN RESPONSE®.
  • Torque monitoring POSITIVE TORQUE.
  • Unique braking system and electronic differential control.
  • Electronic suspension control.
  • 8 airbags.
  • The body, reinforced with a frame.
  • Landing driver "commander".
  • Safety and powerful multi-level anti-theft system.
  • Wireless telephone connection.
  • Entertaining media center for passengers.
  • Sensor board computer.
  • Satellite navigation.

Range Rover Sport 2013 series cars continue to conquer the world market as the safest and maneuverable off-road vehicles.

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