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Pukhov Alexander Grigorevich, plastic surgeon: photo, biography, reviews

Pukhov Alexander Grigorievich is a plastic surgeon who helps many people significantly change their appearance, become what they dreamed to be all their life.

Biography of doctor

Pukhov Alexander Grigorievich is a plastic surgeon who has a private practice since 1993. During this time he received the title of professor and doctor of medical sciences, became Honored Doctor of the Russian Federation.

Born in the territory of modern Kazakhstan, in the Kustanai region Pukhov Alexander Grigorevich (plastic surgeon). The age of the doctor is 61 years. In his youth he moved with his parents to Chelyabinsk. They were officials and party workers. Pukhov Alexander Grigorevich (plastic surgeon), whose family was far from medicine, graduated from medical institute in Chelyabinsk. He was always drawn to the humanities or the biological sciences.

His research area is microsurgical methods of treating malignant tumors of the neck and head. On them he defended his Ph.D. thesis. Doctoral is devoted to the rehabilitation of patients, aesthetic and functional, with the help of modern surgical and minimally invasive technologies.

Pukhov Alexander Grigorievich is a plastic surgeon who is accepted to the membership of many foreign academies of science (in New York, Italy), an honorary professor at the European University.

In his asset - more than a hundred publications in domestic and foreign scientific journals. In 2004, he published a textbook for universities on oncology. Supervised the defense of five Ph.D. theses.

Pride of Chelyabinsk

Perhaps, the most surprising is that Pukhov Alexander Grigorievich is a plastic surgeon who decided to settle not in Moscow, but in his native Chelyabinsk. It is considered the same symbol of the city as the theater "Mannequin" and the hockey team "Tractor".

True, it is worth acknowledging that there are more eminent fans in Pukhov than these collectives. Among them Elena Malysheva, Elena Obraztsova, Edita Pyekha, Vera Alentova. In total, among the happy patients of this plastic doctor hundreds of women. The doctor himself admits that he is being visited and received from around the world. After all, in some areas of plastic surgery Chelyabinsk is ahead of the whole of Europe. And all thanks to the methods by which Pukhov Alexander Grigorievich (plastic surgeon), whose biography is wholly connected with medicine, worked.

The first breakthrough

For the first time in the medical community, attention was paid to Chelyabinsk plastic surgery, when in this city the advanced technology of ultrasonic liposuction was activated. It happened in the 80's.

Earlier plastic surgeons around the world in such operations always used the so-called dry method. The patient's body was punctured and up to three liters of fat was removed. The problem was that the operation itself was traumatic, unpleasant, very long in time and at the same time ineffective.

With the help of ultrasound, it was possible to immediately destroy fat cells, turning fat into an emulsion. This allowed us to suck a large amount of this substance. - up to 20 liters at a time.

Moreover, the use of ultrasound made this method absolutely safe. A real revolution in the field of liposuction was performed by the Italian plastic surgeon Zokki. His first student in the USSR was Pukhov Alexander Grigorevich (plastic surgeon). The photo of the doctor immediately got on the pages of many medical journals.

At the same time, Pukhov was accepted into the international community by scientists, supporters of ultrasonic methods of plastic surgery.

Ultrasonic liposuction in Russia

At that time, few believed in the possibility of ultrasonic liposuction, even in the scientific community. Pukhov also set out to bring this technology to Russia. He bought expensive and rare equipment in Italy, which he delivered to Chelyabinsk. After a short time, he literally literally sucked fat, helping to get rid of aesthetic problems to dozens of people who dreamed about it for many years.

However, he did not stop in development. Constantly went to Italy, passed courses of improvement of professional skill. Armed with practical experience and theoretical materials, he began to speak at a medical congress in Moscow in front of his colleagues.

The reaction was unexpected. He was accused of deceit and charlatanry, he was called an adventurer and magician. Only a few people took his report seriously. The attitude towards Pukhov and his method has changed after only a few years. Pukhov Alexander Grigorevich (plastic surgeon) in Moscow began to hold receptions in private clinics, arranged demonstration operations.

Fashion for beauty

Talking about his work, the hero of our article admits that the idea of what plastic operations should be carried out is often subject to fashion. Often, certain trends dictate science. For example, today the attitude towards liposuction has changed radically. Almost all patients are already aware that this operation is not a fight against overweight, but only a solution to problems with local fat deposits.

With the development of dietetics, the need for mega-liposuction, which rarely helps a person, practically disappeared. So now people with obesity plastic surgeon primarily directs to a specialist in weight correction, and only then helps him get rid of fat in problem areas.

"Fashionable sentence"

Today, Dr. Pukhov is a media personality. He regularly participates in television programs and talk shows. For example, in the program "Fashionable verdict" on Channel One.

In one release, which was remembered by many spectators, Pukhov and other invited guests discussed a heroine who claimed to have performed 10 plastic operations on her chest. And four of them - by increase (up to 12 sizes), and the rest by decrease.

Pukhov admits that as a professional, he immediately began to doubt in this story. First of all, he could not imagine a thorax that would withstand 12 breast size. In addition, the heroine claimed that all operations were done in an underground clinic somewhere abroad. The doctor offered her a free examination, in the course of which she became convinced that she was a charlatan who invented this story to get on television.

In general, he notes that the attitude of patients to operations on the mammary gland has recently become more literate. There are fewer and fewer women who want to do their best to make the largest breast possible. Instead, they try to solve only real problems.

In fact, as noted by Pukhov, undeveloped breasts can lead to serious problems in their personal lives, cause real psychological distress, failures.

Star Patients

Among Pukhov's patients there are a lot of real stars of modern domestic show business. The hero of our article about them, of course, tells a little, following the principle of observing medical secrecy. It is recognized only in a long acquaintance with Elena Obraztsova and Edita Pyekha.

A long trusting attitude, as Pukhov calls them, connects him with TV presenter Elena Malysheva. She initially wanted to operate abroad, but still changed her mind and went to plastic surgery in Chelyabinsk. Later, she admitted that it was only thanks to Pukhov that for the first time in 20 years she was able to wear trousers.

How to get to the reception?

Perhaps the most frequent question that Pukhov is asking is why he did not leave Chelyabinsk for Moscow. He admits that he has conducted many operations in Moscow and abroad. But in order to engage in science, living in the capital is not necessary. In this megalopolis too much effort is taken away from the solution of various near-medical and everyday issues.

In addition, the clinical base that exists in the Chelyabinsk regional hospital, it completely suits. Modern equipment, professional staff, highly qualified.

Those who are interested in where the plastic surgeon Alexander Pukhov is taking should know that he has his own clinic in Chelyabinsk, which is called - the professor's clinic of Doctor Pukhov. It is located at Vorovskogo Street, Building 70, Building 3.

The clinic is open daily from 9 am to 5 pm, except Saturday and Sunday. On Tuesdays, the clinic opens its doors to patients at 8.00. Here you will be provided with facelift, remove excess skin in the lower and upper eyelids, perform a plastic operation to correct or restore the nose, help correct the auricles, perform an operation to correct the shape and size of the lips, and surgically adjust the shape and size Chin.

Customer Testimonials

Pukhov Alexander Grigorievich - plastic surgeon, reviews on the work of which mostly come positive.

Clients of his clinic note the professionalism of the staff, as well as the attention with which anesthetists approach each operation. Ultimately, patients receive exactly the same result, which they dreamed about for many years.

Many admit that they grew young and posvezhili for 10 years after they visited the procedures at Pukhov. People are transformed not only externally, but also internally.

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