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Alexander Krasovitsky: details of biography and personal life

Alexander Krasovitsky is a famous contemporary music performer. Currently, he is the soloist of the St. Petersburg rock band "Animal Jazz" and the young band Zero People. In addition, Alexander is involved in other interesting projects. But the fans are interested not only in creativity, but also in the personal life of their favorite artist, in particular, his relationship with the singer Maxim.

Childhood and youth of a musician

Alexander Krasovitsky is also known under the pseudonym Mihalych. The musician was born on June 8, 1972 in the city of Magnitogorsk. His childhood and young years passed in Magadan. From a young age, Alexander was fond of music and even performed well in the choir.

However, the young man did not think about the career of the singer at first. Therefore, when it was time to enter the university, Alexander chose the sociology department at the State University of St. Petersburg.

The young man successfully completed his education and became a graduate student. Serious scientific prospects opened before him, but unexpectedly for all, Alexander decided to quit his studies and test himself in the musical field. The result was the emergence of interesting projects and a successful career.

Musical projects of the singer

Music career Krasovitsky began in 1998 with the creation of his debut project, called "Aqua Vita." Two more years, Alexander performed in another group Vegetative. The musical styles of the collective were grunge and art-cor.

In 2000, Alexander Krasovitsky decided to create his own band, which resulted in the birth of a favorite child of the musician - "Animal Jazz".

He himself acts as a soloist of the band so far, and is also the creator of almost all the words and music. According to him, he could not sing songs written by someone else, as it is very difficult to try on someone else's inner world.

Four years ago, together with one of the participants of "Animal Jazz" Alexander Zarankin, he created a new team of Zero People.

Soloist, critic, film actor

A successful musical career did not stop Alexander from showing himself well in other areas of show business. For example, for fifteen years, Krasovitsky, along with one of the participants of "Animal Jazz" Igor Boulygin, maintains a website about contemporary music of St. Petersburg. The main emphasis is put on young alternative groups. According to Alexander himself, the website contains information on more than 1,500 groups.

Since 2003, for four years, Krasovitsky has worked in the glossy edition of Fuzz as deputy editor-in-chief.

Alexander was not only a successful musician, but also a film actor. So, last year he played one role in the film "School shooter". It is interesting that the main soundtrack of the tape was the composition "Lies" from the singer's record "Rapid Sleep Phase".

During his career, Alexander was repeatedly awarded honorable music awards. In particular, he won the RAMP 2007 award for the song "Step Breath", which was recognized as the best soundtrack of the year.

The personal life of the singer. Relations with the singer Maxim

A bright musical career, participation in many projects, filming in films - this is not a complete list of what Alexander Krasovitsky managed to achieve. The personal life of the singer nevertheless rarely becomes public domain. This is known for certain only that he married in his student years. In this marriage, a daughter was born, now she is quite grown up. Despite the fact that the family broke up, Alexander maintains a warm relationship with his ex-wife.

A few years ago, the press was full of reports about the novel by Krasovitsky and singer Maxim. They connected a lot - both musicians have already taken place, and he and she have daughters from past marriages.

Alexander Krasovitsky and Maxim met at one of the concerts "Animal Jazz". The result of this meeting was the decision to record a joint song and, as a result, a violent romance between two bright and extraordinary creative personalities.

Lovers managed to record two joint clips. It was even said that after a brief life together Alexander made a proposal. Whether this is so or not is unknown, but this relationship has not escalated into something more. Soon the singer Maxim and Alexander Krasovitsky parted. Details none of them reported. However, according to Alexander himself, the whole album "Animal Jazz" was devoted to relations with a former lover.

Interesting facts about Alexander Krasovitsky

  • Alexander Krasovitsky terribly does not like to give autographs and to be photographed with admirers after performances.

  • It is known that the singer can hardly hear with his left ear.

  • Mihalych is very short-sighted, but on the stage, he until recently did not wear glasses or lenses from the principle.

  • The timbre of Alexander's voice is a baritonal tenor, and the range is three octaves.

  • Only at the age of thirty-three the musician was baptized. This decision was the result of long reflections on life and religion.

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