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Pastel colors for balance and harmony of body and soul

The variety of colors in nature knows no boundaries. It is enough to observe the sky during the day to see for yourself. Man has learned not only to recreate, but also to create new shades, colors, and then to use their wealth and potential for both aesthetic and therapeutic purposes. For example, pastel colors are increasingly used in the decorations of our apartments and apartments. They have long been favorites of designers. Why did they win our hearts, because pastel colors are soft colors with a high content of white. They sometimes seem faded, sometimes faded. But it is always calm noble tones: creamy, lavender, creamy, the color of fog ...

It is this property that designers use, especially those who know a lot about color therapy. Pastel colors in the interior create an atmosphere of purity, airiness, lightness. They visually increase space. They not only reassure, but also adjust to the working mood, to create, and when necessary - to relax. That is why it is not recommended to paint the nursery or the office in intensive colors. After all, not only the energy of color is transmitted to us, which could be questioned. The colors affect the subconscious. If, for example, you do not have enough energy, it is recommended to use red and yellow in clothes and interior - they awaken activity. Conversely, if you want to avoid irritants, if your nervous system is overexcited, the best ones will be pastel colors.

Manufacturers of paints compete with each other in ingenuity and imagination. And there is something to choose from. For example, pastel shades of green range are mint, lime, olive, tender apple. In beige shades we will find ivory, coffee with milk, sand. The choice of both pink and terracotta paints is huge. Here pastel colors are represented, for example, by the color of the withered rose, powdered, caramel, apricot, peach.

A distinctive feature of these colors is that they perfectly match each other in any combination. But compared with the dark, they lose a lot. Therefore, in an interior in soft colors, it is best to avoid the abundance of bright elements and dark furniture. In extreme cases, you can add two or three more saturated accents, and decorate the selection in white or light colors.

Pink and lilac shades are most often used in children's rooms, but you can choose a noble combination for a ladies bedroom or living room. Greens and shades of blue will look great in the kitchen, in the office, in the bathroom. Classic living rooms are often decorated with different shades of beige and terracotta in combination with white. Such a gamma is extremely neutral, but at the same time creates a cozy and warm atmosphere. Often pastel colors are used in halls and corridors. Pay attention also to the professional design of offices. There you will rarely find screaming juicy colors. The atmosphere must be tuned to work, to calmly solve problems, and not to distract attention and not to be an underlying irritant. The same applies in the interiors of shops and restaurants, because psychologists have long noticed that a person stays longer in rooms with quiet walls, while the dark and gloomy aspire to leave as soon as possible. Knowing the subtleties of color perception, you can create a truly comfortable design for your home or office.

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