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If you want to relax on the island of Crete (Greece), then as one of the best places to spend a vacation, many travelers recommend Rethymnon. This locality attracts tourists with magnificent nature, luxurious beaches, developed infrastructure and proximity to a lot of interesting sights. If you want to stay in a comfortable, but at this inexpensive hotel, then we can recommend Palm Beach Hotel 3 * (Crete).

Where is

Hotel Palm Beach is located in the heart of the spa town of Rethymno (Crete, Greece) on the beach. Thus, both the entire tourist infrastructure and magnificent beaches will be at the hotel guests, as they say, at hand. In addition, just a quarter of an hour from Palm Beach (Crete), you can walk to the old town of Rethymnon (built in the 16th century), the fortress of Fortez and other local attractions and museums. It is equally easy to get to the hotel from both Heraklion airport (distance 78 kilometers, hour drive), and from the air harbor of Chania (70 kilometers, 50 minutes on the way).

"Palm Beach" (Crete): photo and description

This small aparthotel includes only 18 rooms. They recently underwent major repairs. There are standard rooms, studios and apartments with a kitchenette. Each room has air conditioning, TV, refrigerator, balcony, private bathroom. Regular cleaning is carried out, as well as towels and bed linen.

Price list

As for the cost of living in the Palm Beach Hotel (Crete), then, according to most tourists, it is quite consistent with the proposed hotel accommodation conditions and level of service. So, the seven-day accommodation in July will cost you in the amount of 623 euros for a double standard room, from 693 euros for a triple standard room, from 1000 euros for double accommodation in an improved room with sea view. All listed prices already include breakfast in the hotel restaurant.

Reviews of Russian travelers about the hotel Palm Beach (Greece, Crete)

If you are a member of a group of people who, when planning a trip to a country, choose the hotel not only on the basis of its official description, but also taking into account the impressions of other tourists who have already stopped here, this part of the article will help you to get acquainted with some Comments of our compatriots about their rest in "Palm Beach". It should be noted that the reviews left by travelers in 2014 are strikingly different from those dating from an earlier period. This is due to the fact that the hotel has recently been renovated, and now guests are waiting for comfortable modern comfortable rooms. In general, most of the guests were more than satisfied with their choice of hotel. According to them, "Palm Beach" is well worth the money spent for living. In addition, many guests are sure that the hotel not only corresponds to the three-star category, but also quite "pulls" for four stars. But we'll figure it out in detail.

Impressions of the territory and location

According to many tourists, Palm Beach (Crete) has a very good location. So, from the beach the hotel is only a hundred meters away. At the same time, you can walk to the old town of Rethymnon in just a quarter of an hour by unhurried step, and to the Venetian port in 30 minutes. Also, you can always take a pleasant stroll around the hotel, admiring the sea and looking at the numerous boutiques and shops, taverns and bars.

As for the territory of Palm Beach, it is quite small. So, there is not even a swimming pool, so lovers of rest near it may seem a minus. In general, we can say that Palm Beach 4 * (Crete, Greece) - a typical city hotel, located near the center of a major resort town.

Reviews of tourists about the hotel and housing stock

According to our compatriots, this hotel is far from new, but well renovated and cozy. It is small, so the situation here is almost home. This is especially beneficial for an excellent family vacation. The rooms in the hotel are spacious. Many guests also note their stylish design (for example, in the marine style - with the appropriate furniture and interior items). Some of the guests noted very comfortable beds and pillows. Bathrooms are equipped with modern plumbing. Air conditioning can be used at an additional cost. However, few people resorted to this service, as, according to the guests, it is rarely too hot in the rooms even in summer. The TV accepts Russian channels. Also in the rooms, excellent Wi-Fi.

According to the travelers, the rooms of Palm Beach Hotel 3 * (Crete) are cleaned every day. Linen and towels are also changed regularly. Also, as needed, the maids replenish the supplies of toiletries (soap, shower gels and shampoos).

Nutrition Opinion

It should be noted that almost all the guests of Palm Beach very much praise the cuisine in the hotel. According to them, they cook here very tasty. Always on the menu, excellent meat dishes and seafood dishes. Therefore, you can safely stay for dinner and have dinner in the hotel restaurant. Also, as a rule, after a meal waiters bring a compliment from the hotel in the form of dessert. In addition, you can eat in the many taverns in the district.

In addition, a number of rooms Palm Beach (Crete) is equipped with a kitchenette with all necessary utensils (dishes, electric kettle, etc.). So you can buy food in a nearby supermarket and cook yourself a lunch or dinner yourself.

As for the breakfast included in the price of the hotel, it is continental. Especially diverse, according to tourists, it can not be named, but it is simply impossible to remain hungry. So, you will always be offered a variety of cooked eggs, sausages, cheeses, pastries, muesli, etc. In addition, at breakfast you can drink freshly squeezed juice and delicious coffee in Greek.

Reviews of the staff

As for hotel staff, there are not many employees here. All of them, according to travelers, are smiling, friendly and always happy to help. However, our compatriots recommend paying attention that no one here speaks Russian. Therefore, it is desirable to remember a little the English school program and stock up with a Greek phrase book.

Comments of guests about beach holidays and entertainment

According to tourists, the nearest beach is literally one minute walk from the Club Palm Beach Hotel (Crete). It is sandy, very clean, with a gentle drop in the sea. The beach here is municipal, so you can use sun loungers and umbrellas for extra payment. However, you can always stay completely free of charge on a mat or towel brought with you. Also in one of the local supermarkets you can buy a beach sun umbrella.

As for entertainment, since Palm Beach is a hotel of urban type, it does not offer special fun to its guests. So, the guests spend time on the beach, walking around the neighborhood, as well as visiting attractions both in the surrounding area and in other parts of the island of Crete. By the way, almost all travelers recommend when traveling here do not forget the house right and rent a car for at least a couple of days. This will help you save money on sightseeing trips. In addition, you can plan and change your route yourself according to your desires. You can rent a car both at the hotel and at one of the many car rental outlets that are located in the vicinity of Palm Beach (Crete).

Among the sights that must be visited by those who stayed in Rethymnon, our compatriots singled out the following:

  • Laguna Prevelis. To reach it, you should keep your way to the monastery of the same name. Here you will expect a luxurious sandy beach with palm trees. This place is famous for the tropical paradise of the Mediterranean.
  • The plateau of Nida. It is located 79 kilometers from Rethymnon. Here you will find magnificent nature. In addition, thanks to the developed infrastructure, on the plateau, you can practice mountain skiing in the winter.
  • Argyrupolis. This is a very picturesque mountain village, located in a wooded area. It was built on the ruins of the ancient city of Lappa. This place is famous for its mineral springs, small waterfalls, centuries-old trees, picturesque caves.
  • Canyons. There are several in the district: Kurtaliot gorge, Kostifos gorge, Patsos, Arcadios, Prasianos canyon and many others.
  • Caves. In the mountains surrounding Rethymnon, there are quite a few of them. The most impressive of them, according to tourists, are Simonelli, Geranios, Agios Antonios and others.
  • Archaeological monuments. There are a lot of them in the vicinity of Rethymnon. So, it will be interesting to visit the ancient Eleutherna, burial places in Armenus, medieval monasteries, as well as ancient villages.

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