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Nethouse site builder: reviews

There is a myth that site designers only need schoolchildren, and any self-respecting company will immediately look for a "normal programmer." But think logically: if so, why these services still exist (and pour huge budgets into advertising and developing new functionality)?

You would be surprised to learn how many Internet entrepreneurs actually use sites made in 1-2 days. And today we have prepared for you a furious analysis of one of the most popular in RuNet designers - Nethouse. Reviews about this service are increasingly flickering in social networks and on thematic forums - both positive and negative.

So who is right? How realistic is it to make an effective site for business with the help of a designer? To answer these questions, first try to figure out what we are dealing with at all.

How Nethouse reached 800,000 sites in 6 years

Even the launch date - 11/11/11 - is remarkable in itself. While the whole world was making wishes, the developers of Nethouse did not sit idly by, and embodied their ideas in reality.

The source of inspiration for the team were ... social networks. If you put a new avatar "VKontakte" can be in 2 clicks, then why make the user every time to climb into the admin area to change the picture on your own site?

This philosophy also became the basis for the creation of Reviews of the first users finally dispelled doubts - although at the time of launch in the niche already firmly established such "dinosaurs" as uCoz and Webasyst, the young service quickly broke into the TOPs.

What is the main advantage of the Nethouse project? The site builder is very simple and, in fact, is designed to quickly create a minimal platform for business development on the Web. Looks trite? Perhaps. But you immediately go to the next stage - find real clients instead of half a year entertained with the fonts.

To do this, the platform is powered by several really cool services. We will see?


To change the clumsy three-level address to something more sonorous is better right away. In 2015, Nethouse has its own registrar - The reviews are mostly positive, although there are also negative ones, mainly from those who were involved in advertising for .ru and .rf for 49 rubles, but did not bother to at least skim the conditions and requirements.

What is interesting about the service? The developers have tried to simplify as much as possible the selection of a suitable name. Liked options can be sent to 150 different zones, which for convenience are broken into categories.

In the next tab you will find a full-fledged domain store. Too lazy to come up with a name? Then be sure to check this section. The choice is impressive - more than 1500 options, including used (with history and TCI) and premium domains. The sorting by categories, themes and price is well thought out.


Having your own SEO-office is one of the main advantages of Nethouse. Customer reviews and current statistics leave no doubt that the guys know their business and successfully promote the sites in any niches. And, unlike freelancers, "their" SEOs know all the nuances of work on the "Nethouse."

What else? First, the work is carried out immediately on two fronts - in parallel with SEO, you can order contextual advertising, which brings results immediately.

Secondly, depending on the goals and the budget, you can choose a convenient option - to order individual services (audit, setup, writing texts, etc.) or complex promotion with a monthly payment.

By the way, the service provides a 100% guarantee - if after 4-6 months of results there will not be, you will return all the amount spent.


Every seriously serious CMS has a forum, and Nethouse is no exception. But the developers decided to bring users' communication to a new level and created a kind of hybrid of freelancing and social networking, where you can get advice or find a performer for any work. Here you do not waste time on flooding, but immediately apply to a person who is ready to help in your question.

By the way, any user of Nethouse can become an Agent and earn money. The designer allows creating a convenient platform for the presentation of his services. There are only two limitations - do not offer SEO (for this the company has a separate service) and work only within the framework of the platform.


And this is a real find for those who are serious about doing Internet business. The creators tried to unite all the main topics related to the creation, promotion and advertising of the site in one course.

Maybe you will not become a SEO or a programmer, but it definitely costs - and not only for those who are going to do sites on Nethouse. Feedback on the project is mostly positive. To many, he helped "lay out everything on the shelves" and understand what and how to do to make the site generate revenue.

The course consists of 15 webinars. All entries are freely available on the site. But if you want to get a deeper knowledge, it's worth to register for the nearest "live" training.

And yes - it's completely free. What's the catch? Yes, nothing. For the company, this is the source of new customers. And even those who go further in the study of Internet marketing, are unlikely to want to do everything themselves. And to whom to entrust the business, how not to their teachers?

What users like Nethouse

So we got to the most "delicious" - work with the designer. To see the big picture, we not only studied the Nethouse-related reviews on the Web, but even tried to make a small website. First about the strengths. What is convenient for the service?

Registration in 1 minute

All you need to get started is to come up with the name of the site and enter your data. After that, you can immediately enter the admin area, select a design and start filling, you do not need to connect and configure anything.

You automatically receive a free domain in the format of the site (for example, Reviews from the Internet can be confusing, but then everything falls into place. Do I have to change it?

Until 2015, "beautiful" addresses were needed only to make the site look more solid. But after the launch of its own registrar, Nethouse launched pressure on owners of free domains. They can not confirm their rights to the site or, for example, connect Google Analytics and Yandex.Metrics. And such unpleasant moments of a lot. To initially protect yourself from this, it's better to buy a 2nd-level domain at the first opportunity.

Clear admin area

There are no "hidden" functions, so even a fifth-grader will be able to find the necessary settings. Managing orders, connecting additional services, creating email-mailings and other tools are available in one click. You can instantly open the site - in edit mode or as an ordinary visitor.

There is everything for running an online store

In the free version there is a limit - up to 1000 products. You can add new cards manually or import a catalog in CSV format. The application is easy to customize - create promotional codes, set the size of the minimum order, define the form fields and the text of the letters.

Information about all orders and their status is stored in a single database, which simplifies control over the work of the store. And after paying the premium account, you will be able to receive online payments through Yandex.Kassu.

You can connect popular applications

The choice is small, but it's 100% reliable, proven, and most importantly - the right services. In addition to what is on the screenshot, you can connect Google Tag Manager, UniSender (advanced mailing service), CallbackHunter (helps to "squeeze" the visitor, at the right time redirecting it to the sales department) and others.

A wide range of additional services

In this section, you can not only connect the business tariff, but also order additional services related to the creation and promotion of the resource (site audit / advertising, writing texts, receiving SMS notifications, etc.).

Excellent partner program

First, you do not have to puzzle over how to persuade someone to register - all invited users will receive 300 rubles. At the expense of. The benefit is obvious, but you do not lose anything. And secondly - you will constantly receive 30% of the cost of all services that your referrals will pay.

An adequate price for a business fare

According to the standard, 1 month is 299 rubles. But you can issue a paid account immediately for 3 months, one or two years and get a discount of up to 25%. You can connect the tariff for the maximum term for only 5400 rubles.

It's easy to transfer your old site to Nethouse

If you already have a working resource, but for some reason you decided to change the site, this can be done in just a few minutes. A weighty advantage, is not it?

Stylish Templates

In Nethouse there are solutions for almost any site - business cards, online stores, landing page, presentations. In terms of design, there are no frills, but all the options look very neat and modern.

Quick add and remove pages

Everything happens right in the visual editor. Below there is a list of ready-made blocks that you can connect.

Also there is an opportunity to create any static pages - you think through their content and design yourself. In the menu editor there are several ready-made templates of standard sections, such as "Delivery", "Payment", "Reviews", "Contacts" and others.

Unnecessary partitions are easy to remove or hide, and using the up / down arrows - change the sequence of blocks on the page.

Do not need to know programming and even HTML

Editing and filling of a site are made by the same principle. Almost all the reviews describing the designer Nethouse reviews confirm - it's convenient. Let's say you want to publish an article in a blog. All you need to do is find the desired block and click the "Add" button. Immediately after that, the editor will open.

In the "Edit" tab there are all the settings of a particular section - description, meta tags for SEO, list of pages (for example, articles or services), etc.

What users do not like

We continue to analyze the reviews devoted to Nethouse. Disadvantages of the service are coming up in the first days. But how critical are they? We will try to answer this question.

You can not connect your applications

Especially uncomfortable for those who decided to switch from other sites on Nethouse. The feedback also shows that the services offered by the system itself are often not enough.

Excessive prices for some services

For example, you will have to pay almost 1000 rubles to simply remove the inscription "Nethouse - Website Designer" at the bottom of the page. And the same is worth creating an LP with selling text, graphics and all the settings.

No notifications

To learn about new orders, comments, etc., you can only by e-mail or SMS. In the admin panel itself, there are no notifications at all. Many users do not like it.

Very few templates and only 2 adaptive designs

In fact, you have only 5 options, even in a paid version, and everything else comes down to choosing a color scheme. But it's not so bad. But the lack of mobile versions is really a problem. How is this even possible in 2017?

Can not access HTML

At all. In principle, this is the philosophy of service: "Nethouse" is a site builder for those who do not want to understand the codes. But it's annoying that HTML does not even exist in a text editor, where it really is needed. Therefore, be prepared for the fact that the pictures in the letters will be jumping, and to make a subtitle, for example, each time you need to change the font size and highlight the paragraph in bold (SEO? What is SEO?).

It is almost impossible to change the appearance of blocks

There are only design options for triggers and a stock counter, and customize the design for yourself - this hard-mode. The maximum that the designer himself gives is to increase or decrease the preview of the pictures and slightly change the appearance of the text. Neither to choose your own color for the button (except the ready ones), nor to change the font, nor even change the display format of the goods.

Primitive Mailing Service

To see how the letter will be displayed before sending, it is impossible, and some of the functions work crookedly. For example, our first attempt to make the newsletter looked something like this.

It turns out that centering does not work with pictures, and if you still need it - you will have to suffer with indentations. The second attempt was slightly more successful, although the image still moved, and the interval between paragraphs is missing.

But in general, the picture has not changed. Scripts for personalization (greetings by name) and creating automatic mailings are also not there. Like the ability to customize your recipient lists or corny to make email templates. For a full-fledged e-mail marketing this is clearly not enough.

Sample sites on Nethouse

Find really high-quality resources was not easy. Most sites are created by people far from the Internet business. And no matter how simple the "Nethouse", the designer can not come up with a navigation system or fill pages with quality content instead of the user.

And here are a few examples that prove: 95% of the result depends on how you use the available tools.

Recreation center "Aquamarine" ( - reviews and analysis

The simplest business card site in 5 minutes. Quite frankly, the project is weak in all respects, and important information is almost impossible to find. But in what plus? At a minimum, there is an adequate menu, the "Contacts" section with the map, and the text does not "jump" and generally looks neat.

Most likely, this is a very young or test site, which is not even perceived by search engines.

Trading company "Vertex" ( - reviews and analysis

Another project, done on the same principle. If that - offers employment services in Finland (for some reason most of the place is occupied by a banner with oranges and a basket with vegetables instead of a logo, so it's hard to guess).

But the statistics turned out to be mildly unexpected. While the resource is not practically indexed by search engines and is not mentioned on the official site of Nethouse, attendance is simply transcendental. And this is not a random transition - an average person spends about 15 minutes on the site, which is very good. But where does the traffic come from? So far, the only thing you can catch on is links from websites on which Vertex publishes job openings.

IntergaDesign Design Studio

And now look at this screen. Do you feel the difference? A single style, a successful color solution, an effective design of the blocks ... Agree, it looks great. That's what happens when professional designers use the Nethouse site builder. Reviews of the owners of the studio can be found on the main platform.

IntergaDesign uses the system's functionality to the maximum. On the main there is a slider with the best works and links to cases, information about services, the advantages of the studio in the format of flip-flops, thanks from customers and even the portfolio (photo gallery). The only negative is that the block is stretched a bit with the appeal of the head.

Since the site is young, it is just beginning to move forward in search engines, although positive dynamics are already noticeable. There is a small but stable attendance, and an impressive pack of reviews.

Sweet shop from USA and Europe - SweetBit

Before us - a stylish and convenient online store confectionery products. An excellent move is to show the most interesting "yummies" in the slider and make the buttons to go to the catalog. Do not disappoint and the design of static pages - everywhere there is quality graphics and well-formatted text.

But the coolest thing is the catalog of manufacturers, because there is no ready-made template for such a block, and developers had to include fantasy. If interested, it is implemented through the text field editor. Add pictures. PNG, write indents, and then select them one by one and link to sections of the catalog.

The indicators are far from ideal, but the service is developing. It only strains that visitors leave too quickly, but it is explained by the fact that the site is in the "Nethouse" gallery. So, a significant part of the traffic is made by those who come simply to evaluate the design.

Web-studio IdenStudio

And another interesting project based on the resource "Nethouse." The designer in the hands of a professional team of designers and developers allows you to create really cool sites. True, we would advise you to replace the picture on the banner on the main page with something less contrasting. Therefore, we suggest immediately dropping slightly below the "About Us" block.

Agree, the style of the design of icons and content clings. Portfolio pages also look great, although they were created with the help of usual triggers. All I want to advise is not to enter links, but to link the names of projects.

Well, finally, look at the analyst. Discuss here in general there is nothing - most likely, the guys are looking for customers in other sources, and this site is used as a presentation.

The review turned out to be very voluminous, but we tried to analyze everything - the possibilities of Nethouse, real cases, positive and negative reviews. By the way, if you already have a website created with the help of, reviews and impressions will be very useful to other users.

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