Muslim wedding dresses: features, how to choose accessories

Over the centuries-old history of the existence of mankind, customs and traditions have emerged, depending on nationality, religion, place of residence. They have a direct impact on various aspects of life, including holidays. In wedding dresses, Muslim, when marrying, traditionally dressed brides professing Islam. Of course, these outfits are different from European models.

Muslim wedding dresses: basic requirements

Nowadays, women prefer clothes that do not hide, but emphasize the beauty of the body. Exceptions are not the attire for the wedding ceremony, opening the back, shoulders, hands. Brides professing Islam can not afford such liberties. Muslim wedding dresses do not give those present at the celebration to see the body young. Traditions are ordered to hide from prying eyes not only the decollete area - the throat is also hidden.

Muslim wedding dresses have a length in the floor, long sleeves are required for such products. In fact, only hands and face remain open. In some countries, the custom says that you need to hide and brush, so girls often wear gloves. Nevertheless, do not think that the bride's attire becomes plain and boring.

Materials, decoration

Muslim wedding dresses can not be sewn from any materials, as it happens with European outfits. From the tissue, a complete lack of transparency is required. The product should not overly emphasize the figure of the girl marrying, even if she is in excellent condition. Not surprisingly, so-called non-staple materials are popular.

Nowadays, Muslim wedding dresses are created most often from materials such as chiffon, satin. Models easily withstand comparison with a work of art, as they are decorated by hand. The greatest demand is gold embroidery. Designers do not neglect beads, paillettes, use a silver thread. When choosing patterns, preference is given to oriental motifs. In recent years, lace and guipure finish has become fashionable. Thanks to such tricks, the outfit acquires a romantic and at the same time rich appearance. In some cases, the ornament on the dress has a hidden sacral meaning. For example, there are patterns that testify to fertility, drawings that hint at the piety of a girl marrying.

Choice of colors

Should a dress in which a bride professing a Muslim marry is necessarily white? No, there is no such restriction, the girl can stop and on bright colors. However, light colors, helping to create a gentle and innocent image, still preferable.

What colors are most often used when Muslim wedding dresses are created? The photos in this article show how beautiful the cream, beige, and golden outfits look. Brides can give preference to blue, pink, silvery hues.

Popular styles

Like many years ago, the greatest demand is maintained for classic straight dresses. This product does not look excessively strict due to the use of elegant material. Also, elegant embroidery and other means of decoration effectively help revive clothes. It is believed that the bride who chooses the traditional vestments, wants to show her modesty, devotion to the chosen one.

This does not mean that lush Muslim wedding dresses never find their fans. Such outfits can also include a corset, a ponytail with rings. The main thing is not to be mistaken with the length, since the legs should remain completely closed. It is also important not to let the dress become too tight, because traditions do not welcome it.

Respect for customs does not mean that Muslim women preparing for marriage do not have the right to pay attention to European attire. It is important that this dress does not fit the figure, it was not too short. Of course, it can not be worn without a special wedding bolero with long sleeves. Alternative solution - putting on a European golf dress, suitable in color.

Let's talk about accessories

Headgear is an integral part of the outfit of a Muslim girl getting married. In the role of an effective accessory is often a silk handkerchief, decorated with beads, precious stones. A traditional handkerchief that hides the hair of a woman practicing Islam is called hijab. Also used is a veil, which can have a different length. Especially popular among Muslims who intend to marry are dresses that immediately include hijab, as it helps to achieve an ideal style unity.

There are countries whose traditions dictate that the bride hide from outside views and hands. In this case, gloves are mandatory accessories. Most often they have a color that coincides with the color of the wedding dress, often reproduce and the pattern that adorns it.

Hijab closes not only the hair, but also the ears of the bride, so wearing an earring does not make much sense. As jewelry, bracelets, rings, medallions are used. Often the dress itself, embroidered with decorative elements, becomes quite bright. Thus, you can completely refrain from decorating.

Are there any exceptions?

Is it obligatory for a girl getting married to follow exactly the traditions described above? In one case, beautiful Muslim wedding dresses can be replaced with ordinary European dresses without any tricks like adding boleros. This is possible if men and women celebrate the holiday separately from each other. In some countries, this custom remains relevant.

If only the female representatives see the bride, the requirements for her wedding vestments are much less. It is enough that the dress is not ultra-short and tight. You can even leave your shoulders open, the decollete zone.

About designers

As already mentioned, Muslim women prefer wedding dresses made to order. Interestingly, Indonesia's Irna La Perl, the most popular designer who makes such models, is Indonesia. Brides appreciate her works for their inherent elegance and luxury, compliance with all the rules. Elegant dresses are created by the Lebanese Eli Saab, who skillfully decorates the models with lace and pearls, using expensive natural stones. As for our country, Muslim wedding dresses in Moscow and other Russian cities can now be ordered by contacting almost any specialized salon. An economical option is to purchase a finished product, including on the Internet.

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