"Morozovo" is a resort hotel. Recreation centers in Novosibirsk

One can not but agree that Siberian nature has an amazing healing effect on the human body. Huge areas of untouched forests with their breathtaking fresh air, mountain springs and springs with mineral waters have a miraculous power, allowing everyone to quickly improve their health. That is why there is a huge number of various resorts, sanatoria and health resorts in Siberia.

Recreation or corporate? Welcome!

One of these places is the recreation center "Morozovo". Novosibirsk, where the hotel is located, is a huge metropolis, near which beautiful landscapes stretched. The ecological purity of nature attracts many tourists to this area. For their comfortable rest, new hotels and tourist facilities are opened every year in the region.

Resorts in Novosibirsk are characterized by a wide range of services. Recreation, recreation, sports entertainment, vacation with family and friends - any institution will gladly shelter travelers on its territory, regardless of the purpose of their visit.

Location and path

"Morozovo" is a resort hotel located on the shore of the famous Ob reservoir, near Akademgorodok. Getting to this institution is very simple. From Novosibirsk it is necessary to follow the district center called Iskitim. From there the way will be in Akademgorodok. The regional center and the hotel in question are forty kilometers apart. Therefore, it is unlikely that the path will take more than forty minutes. It should be noted that the track to the resort is comfortable and well-mastered. Many recreation centers in Novosibirsk are located near the regional center. This is a huge plus for people coming to rest on public transport.

"Morozovo" is a resort hotel, stretched in a picturesque area, far from the city noise and fuss. A powerful forest, consisting of deciduous and pine trees, protects the recreation center from the outside world, allowing you to fully enjoy the peace and tranquility. This recreational institution is rightfully called the pearl of the Ob reservoir. The helpful and hospitable staff is always happy to offer their guests a "four-star" service at the European level. A wide range of services will please even the most inveterate skeptics.

Residential fund

"Morozovo" is a resort hotel, which has forty-two rooms on its territory, which are characterized by high comfort and coziness. Along with standard rooms, visitors can opt for luxury suites. Such rooms have a fantastic winter garden, which can be accessed from a private terrace. The classic interior of all rooms is the result of fruitful work of designers. In winter, the windows of the rooms offer a stunning view of the sleeping forest covered with sparkling snow. In summer, guests will be happy to watch the shimmering colors of emerald lawns and the water surface of the reservoir. The fabulous landscape, majestic and calm nature, soft breeze from the artificial lake create wonderful conditions for recreation of any direction: recreational, active, curative, family or even corporate.

Description of the apartments

Standard rooms have an area of 22 square meters. In this case, they are divided into two groups: double and single. Couple with beds in the room are bedside tables, an armchair, a TV, a chair. There is a separate shower cubicle. Guests can safely use the hairdryer. More spacious are the junior suites, which are 16.5 square meters larger than the standard apartments offered by the Morozovo holiday base. The resort hotel also has rooms in the "luxury" category. These rooms occupy an area of 54.2 square meters. We can say that these apartments are more like an apartment than a hotel room. Bedroom, living room, dressing room, terrace with balcony, conservatory and, of course, a standard set of "bed-tables-tables-showers".

Variety of dishes and desserts

A variety of meals, including dishes of European cuisines, Siberian raznosoly and Asian dishes are also ready to offer their guests a hotel-resort "Morozovo". Novosibirsk is famous for the hospitality of its establishments. And the recreation center in question is not an exception. The helpful staff is always happy to host the guests to the restaurant complex, where they will be offered amazing dishes prepared by skilled chefs. In addition, visitors can relax in a cozy atmosphere at the tables of the comfortable café "Terrace", where the bar offers light cocktails, aperitifs and delicate desserts. If the guest has contraindications to taking certain products, a nutritionist of the hotel will come to his aid. The doctor will in detail describe the individual nutrition program, which will get rid of the annoying problem. For corporate clients, the hotel staff will be happy to offer a separate room with special light and sound equipment installed in it. In the warm season it is possible to place tables in a picturesque area near the pond.

Treatment and prevention of diseases

Many recreation centers in Novosibirsk, and "Morozovo" is not an exception, they offer their clients excellent programs for recovery. In this institution, visitors who want to strengthen their body and put in order the work of internal organs, are offered various procedures. Prevention and treatment of the gastrointestinal tract, cardiac and vascular diseases, gynecological and urological problems, respiratory system infections-the doctors of the resort will immediately take up the fight against these ailments. In addition, there are programs for stress and fatigue. It is noteworthy that the recreation center offers its clients an excellent opportunity of rehabilitation rest after the performed operations.

Water procedures

In a complex of procedures at will of the client or on the recommendation of the doctor can include also pearl or hydromassage baths. To improve the work of the entire body in the hotel are placed and special showers, with installed in them the apparatus of Charcot and VICHY. Those who want to strengthen their immunity without the use of medications will be pleasantly surprised by the excellent phyto bar of the hotel. The treatment center also houses a fitness room, a room for physical therapy and swimming pools. As an excellent means to combat stress, guests can be offered a massage session: manual or hardware. Aromaprocedures will restore the skin radiance and healthy appearance. Therapeutic management of the resort closely cooperates with many voluntary insurance institutions. Therefore, guests who use the services of a particular company often get the opportunity to pay less for the course of procedures, with an equally high quality of services.

Activities and horseback riding

In addition to medical, a sport complex is also located on the territory of the resort. Here, those who wish can have the opportunity to do fitness, swim in the pool, play outdoor games (basketball, mini golf, squash). In winter, visitors are fully able to enjoy skiing and skating. All year long, guests can get to know the horses closer and horseback riding. A huge plus is the possibility of obtaining a club card and for visitors who are not guests of the hotel.

Individual programs for treatment and rehabilitation, excellent active rest, stunning cuisine, amazing nature, cozy rooms - this all characterizes the resort "Morozovo". Novosibirsk is a health resort of Russia, around which there are many institutions that help residents of the country and the near abroad not only to have a good rest, but also to improve the work of their organism.

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