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Merino wool yarn (wool): reviews, specs, stickers

Merinos are called a special breed of fine-fleeced sheep, distinguished by high quality of wool. Previously, such animals were bred only in Greece, Italy and Spain. Today they are grown on all continents. There are farms specializing in this and in our country. Of sheep's coarse wool, high-quality, high-quality yarns, called merino wool, are made of such sheep.

How do

First, let's see how the Merino yarn is made. The wool of this breed is very expensive. Therefore, when making yarns to reduce the final price, it is usually mixed with either natural silk or cashmere. It also turns out expensive, but more or less affordable material. New Zealanders also have the opportunity to knit things from yarn made from merino wool mixed with opossum fur.

Main characteristics

The choice of colors for all types of this material is very wide. The wool of merino sheep is appreciated above all for very thin nap (only 15-25 microns). Therefore, from spun yarns from it you can knit as delicate openwork things, and warm voluminous. Merino wool yarn (wool) is used, reviews of which are excellent, for the manufacture of both products intended for adults and children's things. Sweaters, hats and socks bound from it do not cause allergies and do not irritate the skin at all.

Main advantages

Merino wool - wool, reviews from the skilled workers deserved almost enthusiastic, the benefits are simply huge quantities. Its merits include:

  • Hypoallergenicity and the presence of antibacterial properties. The wool of Merino sheep contains lanolin. That is why the products from it do not cause allergies and can be used to make children's things. Since moisture does not detain such products, bacteria in them simply do not have anything to develop.

  • Strength and lightness.

  • Elasticity . Products from merino yarn easily stretch and quickly take the original shape.

  • Ability to repel dirt.

How to care for products

In general, for knitting woolen things, the material is very suitable - merino yarn. The wool of this variety is very high quality, but the things made of it are still rather capricious. It is rather difficult to care for them. Erase them exclusively by hand. In this case, you need to use only high-quality soft powders, designed specifically for wool. If desired, such products can be rinsed in cool water with the addition of a tablespoon of grape vinegar.

Soak such things can, but only not for a long time. Wash things do not squeeze, and dip, wrapped in a terry towel. Dry the Merino yarn products only in a horizontal position.

The twist method

Any woolen yarn intended for knitting clothing, including merino, consists not of one, but of several threads. They are connected to each other can be different. Filaments of merino wool are first twisted in two. Then take a few such pairs and again twist in the same direction. On sale there are different merino wool. A thick yarn is used to knit winter hats, vests and sweaters. Of thin, you can make, for example, a lightweight turtleneck, gloves, gaiters, etc. The number of pairs used in the manufacture of yarn is usually indicated on the label. When the material is fabricated by this method, the filaments lie beside each other freely. Therefore, the yarn is very elastic and flexible. Because merino yarn is twisted only in this way, this technology is called by its name.

Opinion of skilled workers

Merino yarn - wool, reviews deserved remarkable. The characteristics of products made from this material are really just excellent. To their advantages, in addition to the above, include softness and aesthetic appeal. Knit things from such a wool, in the opinion of all masters without exception, it is very easy. The loops are straight, and the thread itself is very good. It is easy to knit goods from this material with both knitting needles and crochet.

In general, this yarn is considered really high quality yarn. Some of the drawbacks of Merino's material are only its high cost.

The price of yarn

Stogrammovy hank mixed with acrylic merino yarn costs about 1200-1300 rubles. Of course, this is quite expensive. For example, for a child's sweater for a girl of 125 cm height, 2-3 such skeletons of 100 grams go away. Thus, it can cost around 2500-3500 rubles. Yarn yarn (100% merino wool) is even more expensive - about 1700-2100 rubles. For the skein. Of course, things from it are very expensive. However, they justify their price with excellent performance characteristics.

Thus, the yarn is merino (wool), reviews about which are just wonderful - the material is really quality and good. But of course, buy it is only for skilled workers who have experience in knitting wool products. To spoil even a hank of such expensive yarn will be very insulting.

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