Megafon in China (roaming). Megafon in China: features of work, tariffs, reviews

Modern cellular operators provide communication services to their subscribers not only within the home region and in roaming in the country. When traveling abroad, MegaFon's customers can be sure that they will not be left without a stable and high-quality connection. To provide yourself with this integral part of life, you need to take care of a number of points beforehand, to familiarize yourself with local tariffication, at will, to activate packages and options that allow you to get a good discount and specify payment options. How to connect MegaFon roaming in China, on what terms is it provided, what packages will be beneficial for voice calls, SMS sending, and how much will the Internet cost? All these issues will be discussed in the current article.

Roaming. Megafon in China: is it necessary to connect?

Often, the term "roaming" means some additional service that you need to connect separately on the number, before you go on vacation / on a business trip, etc. In fact, the ability to use the services of communication in other cities and countries is basic (by default it is connected on the number) . In the list of basic services on the number already contain "international roaming" and "long distance roaming" - they can be disabled only at the request of the subscriber. Thus, the "Megafon" roaming in China will be provided on the client's number. However, there is a small nuance.

Extended international roaming

With the advent of such a thing as "online charging", there was a need for one more service for roaming. The essence of online charging is that the debit from the client's cell phone number is effected immediately after he made a paid action. In fact, this is no different from the principle of withdrawing money for voice communications and other services in your home region. Since operators of not all countries provide such a charging scheme, it is sometimes not necessary to connect extended international roaming. In this case, it should be taken into account that in a country where there is no instant write-off of money for services, the performed action may be reflected for several days on the Megafon number. Roaming in China means tariffing in online mode. Therefore it is necessary to contact the communication salon (the direct owner of the number with the passport) and activate the extended roaming service. You can do this for free.

Cost of communication services in roaming (without connection of any packages)

So, before you start using roaming ("Megaphone") in China, before the trip, you should get acquainted with the rates for communication services provided by local operators. We remind that the cellular company concludes contracts with local organizations, which are providers of communication services, which, in turn, provide tourists with stable and high-quality communication. What is the cost of communication services?

  • Make a voice call can be for 129 rubles per minute connection (this cost is relevant both for calls to your country, and when calling to local numbers);
  • Incoming call also cost 129 rubles per minute of communication;
  • Throw a text message in any direction can be for twenty-five rubles;
  • You can receive an incoming message for free (from any number).

Reducing the cost of voice services

The operator offers several options for reducing the cost of the service from "Megafon" - roaming abroad. The subscriber can connect / disconnect the proposed operations himself. Let us consider in more detail which options for cost optimization can be used:

  1. Option "The whole world." When subscribing this service, the subscriber will receive 40 free incoming minutes daily. Thus daily from the account 59 rubles will be written off. Upon arrival in Russia, you must disable the service forcibly, otherwise the subscriber. The board will continue to be written off.
  2. Option "25 World". When connected, the client is given 25 minutes of free incoming and outgoing calls. Under the terms of the option, the subscription fee will not be debited. Instead of it at the moment of connection of service from the balance 829 rubles will be kept.
  3. Option "50 World". The principle of operation of this service is similar to that which was given earlier. The difference is only in the number of minutes. The cost of this option to optimize costs in roaming is 1429 rubles.

Reducing the cost of SMS messages

If the subscriber does not plan to use voice services and text messages will be enough for him, then it is worth paying attention to the following options:

  • Package "50 SMS". You can connect the package for 495 rubles. The validity period is one month. If the limit is exhausted, the 51st message will be charged at roaming rates (25 rubles per sending of one message).
  • Package "100 SMS". You can connect the package for 695 rubles. The validity period is one month. If the limit is exhausted, the 101st message will be charged at roaming prices (25 rubles per sending of one message).

Internet in roaming

Cellular communication in China implies the possibility of using the Internet. According to the terms of roaming from "Megaphone", when you first connect to the Internet, a package of 50 megabytes is automatically connected. For it is written off 350 rubles. The subscriber can use this amount within 24 hours after it is activated. If the traffic is spent earlier, then the Internet will not be able to use the Internet until the end of the day. Only with the onset of a new calendar day will it be possible to re-enter the Internet. At the same time, as soon as the system fixes the connection to the Internet, the package will be connected again for three hundred and fifty rubles.

Reducing the cost of the Internet

The operator does not offer options to optimize the cost of Internet services while in another country at the moment. If you need to use the Internet, it is recommended to connect to the wireless Internet in catering, hotels, etc., or purchase a local SIM card.

Where can I see the actual cost of communication services before leaving abroad?

Often on TV or on the Internet, you can see a variety of advertisements of the mobile operator offering various services, in particular, regarding the service "Megaphone" roaming in China (on behance, the main page of the official portal, the sites of the communication salons, etc.). Trust should only data that are contained on the official portal of the operator "Megaphone" on the page of international roaming. In this case, since for each country there are personal prices for services, you should first indicate the name of the direction in the search field. Here, in addition to the basic cost of communication services, you can also get acquainted with the list of available discounts and packages that provide reasonable savings of money abroad. And also to specify the information, how it is possible to connect them.

Roaming of Megafon in China: Feedback

People who have a trip to China, it is quite interesting to know the opinions of tourists about the quality of communication. If you review available reviews, you can see that they are quite "different". Many people note the high quality of voice communication, the absence of network disruptions and stability - it's all roaming in China. Feedback on the company "Megaphone" can be found and negative, including, in particular, this is due to the "imposed" package of the Internet. As a rule, when you are in other countries, people try to disconnect the Internet on a mobile device, since the cost of megabytes is quite high. However, if you negligently forget to turn off the data transfer and then immediately write off 350 rubles from the balance. Of course, the subscriber will then have 50 megabytes of traffic. However, this is an extremely useless and inappropriate option, many Megafon customers note.


According to the majority of users of SIM cards from Megafon, it makes sense abroad to purchase local SIM cards, if it is necessary to conduct long-term negotiations on a mobile gadget and actively use the Internet. Despite the fact that the quality of communication, which the operator offers in China, is quite high - not all subscribers can afford to spend significant sums. If you plan not to actively use communication services, for example, to call friends and relatives or send text messages, it makes sense to activate the proposed options - they will help to save significantly abroad. It is also recommended to disconnect data transmission (via mobile network) - this will eliminate the Internet connection and charge money for activating the option.

It is necessary to think in advance how you plan to replenish the balance: it will be convenient to replenish with a bank card. You can also warn your relatives and ask them to make the necessary amount to your account.

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