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Journey to another world, or What is the hell stone used for?

If you have already played in Minecraft for a while, but do not know what else is interesting in it, then this article is for you! You can get to the Lower World, where there are many unusual blocks, such as infernal stone, quartz ore or light stone.

To get to the Lower World, you need to build a portal. This will require obsidian. There are several ways to extract it.

The first way. Obsidian can be found in deep caves. But this is not very convenient, because it is located only in the immediate vicinity of the sources of lava.

The second way. It is advantageous if you previously extracted lava with a bucket. Now you need to scrape the second bucket and draw water into it. Pour lava into a hole in the depth of one block. Now pour water into the same hole. So you get one obsidian block.

This subject, by the way, can be obtained only by one pickaxe - diamond.

Now we need to build a portal. It looks like a five-block-high frame and four blocks wide of obsidian. Thus, you will need fourteen obsidian blocks.

To activate the portal, take the lighter and set fire to one of the internal borders. If you saw a purple glow inside, then you have succeeded!

But before you go to the development of new territories, you need to learn about this world several important facts.

First, the lower world is inhabited by a huge number of hostile mobs: gastami, svinozombi, ifritami, skeletons. Therefore, you should properly equip: wear, at least, iron (and preferably diamond) armor and stock up several sets of tools. It is also desirable to take a bow and more arrows - almost all local mobs attack from afar. You need to know one more feature of the mechanics of Minecraft: the hell stone is very easily destroyed, so mobs, like Gastas, attack, destroy it with their exploding shells.

Secondly, there is a lot of fire in the Lower World. Approximately half the surface there is covered with lava, and almost all mobs in the attack ignite the player. Therefore - make more potions of fire resistance. By the way, to take buckets with water is useless - if you pour it out there, it will instantly evaporate.

Third, remember the road! The entire Lower World consists of a few types of blocks: infernal stone, infernal brick, light stone, and sometimes quartz ore. Therefore, everything there looks the same, and it is extremely difficult to find your bearings! If you take into account that the exit from there is only one - the portal through which you got to the Lower World, it becomes obvious that a very effective in this situation is the arrangement of a kind of pointers - high pillars from one kind of blocks that will be visible from afar. If you want to use hell stone for these purposes, it's a pretty bad idea: you can not distinguish an identification sign, because almost everything around it will also be made of this material! Therefore, it is better to use such blocks that are not available in the Lower World. The most suitable is land - it's very easy to get, and in that gloomy place in which you plan to go, it will be very different from the surrounding situation.

What is useful in the Lower World? In general, all types of blocks that are available here can be used for crafting or simply for decorative purposes. For example, the infernal stone serves to craft the infernal brick. Light stone is a light source and can be used for cooking potions and creating lamps. A quartz ore is a component of a comparator and a light sensor.

Summarize. The lower world is a rather dangerous place, and it needs to be sent well prepared. But also in it there are many useful blocks that will be useful to you in the world of Maynkraft: hell stone, infernal brick, quartz ore, light stone. Do you need all this? Then - go ahead!

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