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Knife "Katran" and its modifications

Knife "Katran" can be of different modifications and is used as an underwater combat knife or a knife for survival.


All its modifications are equipped with a serration of the main blade at the root (for cutting slings, rope ropes and others). Knife "Katran" has a hook that is used for cutting networks, a double-sided handle, a comfortable guard and pommel made of metal with a hole for the lambskin. Parts of the knife, made of metal, treated with anti-reflective coating or chrome plated.

The combat knife "Katran" of the 1st modification is underwater, it is equipped with a blade with one and a half sharpening, which on the butt is made in the form of a saw on wood and bone of undulating shape. The blade is covered with black chrome. The knife is equipped with plastic sheath with various attachments to the human body (to the leg, for example).

"Katran-1-C" is a model of land modification. This knife differs from the previous handle material and several options for processing the blade. Comes with leather or cloth scabbard.

The "Katran-2" is a double-edged blade, and the sharpening of an additional blade is designed for cutting.

Knife "Katran" 45-th modification was developed by order of the 45th separate Guards reconnaissance regiment of the Airborne Forces. He has on his foot a straight saw for metal, wood and bones.

Excursion to the history

Initially, the knife was designed as an underwater tool. On the terms of reference, the knife "Katran" was planned to be used as a cold weapon or a universal object for cutting. However, when designing, the design changed so much that only the length of the blade responded to the initial requirements. The purpose of the knife also changed.

"Katran" - a knife that was originally produced by single specimens. His design gradually changed. If a knife with a conical tip of the handle was first produced, it was later abandoned and replaced with a flat plug.

"Katran" is distinguished by the presence of a wave-like saw on the shoe, which was intended for sawing diving hoses. It turned out a symbiosis of saws - wavy for rubber and small for metal. As a result, the saw was multifunctional.

When the Chechen war began, the knife "Katran" began to be produced as a combat weapon and entered into some special units for armament (special forces of the Ministry for Emergency Situations, special forces of the FSB and the Ministry of Internal Affairs). Its strength allowed to withstand the weight of a soldier in combat equipment.

The problem with the knife was its low resistance to corrosion. In our conditions, he calmly endured the vagaries of nature, but in the tropics he quickly became covered with rust. Manufacturers reacted to this calmly and did not improve anything because the manufacturer did not have the necessary license for release (it was necessary to spend considerable money for its extension).

Recently one very interesting trend has been observed. Some modern factories under the name "Katran" began to actively produce knives, the performance characteristics of which do not correspond to the original. Therefore, do not believe the name "Katran", if you see a knife in the store, know that this is an ordinary forgery.

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