Industrial Humidifier: Overview, Types, Manufacturers and Feedback

Climatic equipment for the industrial sector is of particular importance. In addition to maintaining optimum air quality in production facilities, it must cope with the effects of local equipment. In this case, we can talk about air drying furnaces and boiler plants, because of the function of which a powerful climate controller is required. For such purposes a special humidifier is used. The industrial segment of engineering and utility systems offers many solutions tailored exactly to the needs of manufacturing enterprises.

General information about industrial humidifiers

The relevance of humidification systems increases and with increasing requirements for the technological organization of storage of produced materials. This can be textile production, and woodworking materials, as well as agricultural raw materials. In each case, workers and storage facilities must maintain a certain level of humidity. How does the humidifier help in this? The industrial unit is guided by a uniform regulation of humidity throughout the entire service area. Although there are point or zonal systems operating on the principle of thermal guns, only with the opposite effect. In essence, such installations generate fog, which also introduces the effect of cooling rooms. Among the significant differences between industrial units of this type and from home appliances, the complexity of the technical organization of the installation is highlighted. If at home you can confine yourself to a compact device, then at the enterprise it will be equipment with a system of pipelines and injectors that enter into the engineering ventilation network.

Classification of systems by pressure level

Typically, industrial type humidifiers are divided into low and high pressure models. The first category is characterized by quick installation and the possibility of starting the humidification system by connecting a compressor that directs compressed air. These are compact units that provide an average output of 50 l / h. Such equipment in typical modifications finds application in small warehouses, where it is required to maintain optimum moisture values for storage of hygroscopic materials - for example, veneer, paper, etc. For more serious tasks, a high-pressure humidifier is designed. Industrial units of this type provide a capacity of up to 2,500 l / h. Equipment with such capabilities requires more energy, but it can guarantee the normalization of the air environment in difficult conditions at construction plants, large greenhouses, printing plants, etc.

Classification according to the principle of work

Traditional systems assume a heating principle for the generation of moist air, which involves the interaction of the container with the liquid and the TET. The steam produced as a result of water overheating is directed to the duct of the duct, thus increasing the humidity of the target room. More technologically, the solution of the problem was the appearance of infrared systems in which a conventional heater was replaced with an IR lamp. This allowed to optimize the design and save on power supply, but the installation itself was all the same massive and quite costly in maintenance. The most developed structural and functional is an industrial ultrasonic air humidifier with a sprayer. Its peculiarity lies in the fact that the mechanism of saturation of the air environment with moisture does without generation of steam. The unit directs an intense air jet onto a special membrane, which, as a result of contact with the water surface, provides the effect of an atomizer, only with smaller particle sizes.

EkoNau product reviews

EkoNau is a domestic manufacturer of industrial equipment that produces ready-made solutions for a wide range of industries - from conveyor lines for building blocks to wine cellars. According to the feedback of users, the installation of this company is distinguished by reliability, high efficiency and manufacturability. This is a rare case when Russian industrial air humidifiers provide for the possibility of program control via a controller. True, this applies only to ultrasonic models, the performance of which does not exceed 60 l / h. Actually, the limited number of nozzle models with increased performance is one of the few shortcomings of the family of this brand, for which it is criticized by fans.

Reviews about products «Save»

Another domestic manufacturer, but in this case, the rate is placed on high-power plants for large enterprises. In the "Save" family you can find the same ultrasonic models, as well as specialized channel and floor systems for production shops. The users of such equipment in general note high efficiency. Even the discerning experts point out the high quality of performing the basic tasks. But this is not limited to this air humidifier. The M-series industrial unit, for example, also provides filtration. The cleaning function allows to remove air from the smallest dust particles.

Product Reviews Venta

One of the world's largest developers of ventilation and climate systems. Users especially appreciate the automated humidifiers Venta. For example, the modification shows an example of a fully automated cleaner with moistening function. Practice of application confirms that large-format equipment does not require the participation of large operator groups in the process of servicing. And the topping up of water, and the monitoring of the microclimate in the autonomous mode is performed by the humidifier itself. Venta's industrial segment also offers semi-automatic versions, which are initially cheaper, but are more expensive to maintain. This technique is valued for safety, high performance and reliability of air regulation.

How to choose the best option?

Industrial climate systems are usually selected for special projects, since the implementation of the construction of such equipment requires accurate individual calculations. Nevertheless, it is desirable to initially focus on the appropriate principle of work and management. For example, for a small enterprise it is quite advisable to purchase an industrial fan with an air humidifier as a multifunctional system, complementing existing supply or exhaust ducts. Optimized ultrasonic models can be used for large plants or administrative buildings. They are characterized by modest dimensions and low energy costs, which is advantageous from the point of view of economy. But here it is important not to miscalculate with calculations on the volumes of productivity.


Like any engineering equipment, oriented to equipping industrial enterprises, such systems are not cheap. Prices start from about 30-40 thousand rubles. For this amount you can buy a low-power, but modest in size industrial air humidifier. The price of high-grade installations for a large warehouse or shop can be about 70-100 thousand. This category, for example, includes the same ultrasonic units of medium power. If it is necessary to install a high pressure with a capacity above 1000 l / h, then it is necessary to prepare for costs at the level of 150-200 thousand.

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