Increased fuel consumption - reasons and how to deal with it

Increased fuel consumption is a frequent problem for motorists. From the very beginning of production, car owners noticed that over time, to overcome the same path, the car needs more and more fuel, which, naturally, does not please, even alarms. In fact, the increased fuel consumption is a serious reason to think about the state of the iron horse.

Of course, it depends on the volume of the engine, on its capacity, performance and even the manufacturer, as some can literally "squeeze" the last possibilities from the unit, while others use slightly more, and still others - and less than half of the engine's potential. Let's consider some reasons for increasing fuel consumption.

The first is the style of driving. A lot depends on this factor. The fact is that many drivers do not pay attention to their driving skills at all and do it without thinking about the possibility that an increased transmission can be switched on, or vice versa, to turn on the neutral one and get to the turn "down". Strangely enough, but changing the style of driving in a more relaxed way is able to cope with the task that torments many motorists: "How to reduce the consumption of gasoline?". In addition, such events will also benefit the car itself, because the load on it will significantly decrease if the number of acceleration and braking decreases, which can sometimes be quite dynamic.

Increased fuel consumption can also be observed due to malfunction of some engine components, for example, carburetor, intake tract, and crank-crank group. The solution to this problem is to repair, which in the first case can do with removal and washing, with further adjustment, repairing the second and third case can become costly, since grinding the valves and replacing the pistons or simply the piston rings is an expensive treat that not every car owner decides .

Another indicator is the consumption of gasoline at idle. It is very relevant for owners of cars with carburetor engines, since the tuning of the injector engine, in principle, is impossible. And where does the car stand and the engine is idling? For example, at traffic lights. Modern cars are equipped with a start / stop system, which silences the engine after a stop and starts it on demand, according to the manufacturers, it can save up to a liter of fuel in the city cycle.

And, finally, the most painful procedure for the engine is warming up in winter. Establishment of the unit in -20 and warming up to operating temperature is equivalent to 500 km of run in the mode of easy operation. Of course, this does not take more than half a liter, but still.

From the above it follows that increased fuel consumption can be a consequence not only of one, but also of a whole "bouquet" of causes, so its reduction, as a rule, consists of small things, and not from one event. If the engine began to spend too much fuel, then this is a serious reason to think about its "health" and contact the service center.

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