How to transfer money from "Tele2" to "Beeline"?

Not all subscribers of the mobile operator Tele2 know that the money on the balance of the number can be used not only to pay for communication services. At the moment, there are opportunities for transferring other mobile operators to other numbers, paying for purchases in online stores and other resources, and even transferring funds to pay for utility bills. If the latter options are not very common, since it is unlikely that the required amount will be present in the account, for example, for the purchase of goods in the online store, the possibility of transferring money to another number is very popular. How can money be transferred from "Tele2" to "Beeline", what are the conditions for this service, who is it available to - all of these issues we will consider in this article.

How can I make a transfer?

In order to share with friends or family money, which are placed on the balance of your "Tele2" number, you can use one of the translation options:

  • Through the mobile operator's payment service (in order to transfer a certain amount of money from "Tele2" to "Beeline" using this method, it is necessary to have access to the Internet);
  • Sending a text message to the service provider's service number;
  • Enter the USSD combination on the number from which you need to list the finance.

Let's consider in more detail, how it is possible to transfer money from "Tele2" to "Beeline" money resources with each of the methods listed earlier.

What are the terms of the transfers?

As in the case of any mobile operator's service, you can transfer funds according to certain conditions. Before I tell you how to transfer money from "Beeline" to "Tele2", I would like to tell you about important points:

  • Translate less than 10 rubles;
  • For one transaction the maximum amount of transfer is allowed - 1 thousand rubles;
  • You can perform no more than 10 operations per day;
  • The amount of all transfers within a day should not exceed 5 thousand rubles.

Payment service from "Tele2"

The specially developed portal of the company "Tele2" allows you to pay for some goods and services from your number. In this case, unlike other methods of translation, you can see here the entire list of possible recipients of funds from your balance. This can be useful, for example, in the future for making a subscription fee for the Internet. How to transfer a certain amount of money from "Tele2" to "Beeline"? To do this, you should visit the official website of the company and switch to this payment service. It does not need to be registered and authorized. All that is required from the user in order to transfer money from "Tele2" to "Beeline" money is to select the section "Mobile communication" - "Beeline Operator", and then:

  • To enter the sender's number (that is, to indicate your number in the specified format);
  • Specify the number of the subscriber to whom the transfer is made (also in the specified format);
  • Specify the amount of the transfer amount (we discussed the possible limitations earlier);
  • Press the button "Pay".

Transfer to Beeline from a mobile device

About whether we can translate from "Tele2" to "Beeline", we mentioned earlier. Now let us dwell on this in more detail. There are two options for transferring funds from a mobile phone: via SMS or USSD.

In the first case, you need to create a new text message, add a combination of , set a space, then add the recipient's number, put a blank again and specify the amount to be written off from your account and sent to Beeline. Thus, if we want to transfer the subscriber with the number 89011111111 the amount of 250 rubles, we need to create a message and enter the text . This message should be sent to service number 159.

In the second case, when sending funds from your balance via USSD, you should type the following sequence of characters on the digital panel of your device: * 159 * 8XXXXXXXXXX * amount #. The recipient's number, as in the case of sending a text message, must begin with the figure-eight. For example, if we want to send a subscriber with the number 89055555555 the amount of 500 rubles, then you need to dial * 159 * 89055555555 * 500 # and press the call button.

On the successful completion of the transfer you will be notified by the message, as well as in case of incorrect transfer of funds to his account.

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