How to save money on a wedding celebration so that guests do not notice anything?

When you plan a wedding, expenses can exceed all expectations. And before you know about it and realize it, you will simply squander your budget thoughtlessly. Every couple is looking for ways to save money at their wedding, but no one wants their guests to be called cheap. The challenge is to find ways to reduce the cost of a wedding. The following tips will help you find solutions to reduce costs, but do not sacrifice style on such a grand day that the wedding is remembered forever.

Make wedding invitations yourself

Even if you are not a professional graphic designer, there are many online resources that offer free templates for wedding invitations. From a huge amount you can choose the ones suitable for your unforgettable celebration.

Printed wedding models give young people the opportunity to model their wedding invitations with the help of different templates that allow couples to independently change their wedding details and information. An additional advantage of these invitations is that a couple can print as many copies as they need, since there is no minimum order quantity, as in a traditional stationery store. This option also allows you to print invitations on a home printer or in a local printing house, but, again, everything depends on the budget that the pair is counting on.

Invitation to a wedding in the form of your joint photo is an excellent option for any budget.

Create wedding decor in-house

Revise and check everyday items throughout the house to turn them into creative wedding decor. You will be shocked by the beautiful works that you can create, and at the same time use objects that you would throw in the trash can. You will see that many household items can turn into beautiful decor objects, with the help of a small can of paint or gouache you will give them a second life, and this will not be too costly.

Carefully consider the various items that you usually throw into the trash. Most likely, you weekly throw out a few glass objects, paper and metal cans. Each of these accessories can give a new life, if you attach a little effort and imagination to this process.

You can easily create a decor for your wedding. Ask your family and friends not to throw out wine bottles, canned jars, jars of jars, plastic bottles, glassware to help you stock up on the necessary material. Such accessories will definitely adorn your solemn day. Then cover each of the objects with paint or decorate with other tricky elements, so that they all fit perfectly for your solemn day!

Do shopping at flea markets and in wholesale stores

Walk around the shops, look at the items that you can use as a wedding decor, utensils for a buffet table. If you buy in bulk, you can significantly save, regardless of whether a large or small purchase. In many shops you can get a significant discount on items such as cutlery, dishes, napkins, drinks and much more.

Be sure to check out also the local flea markets and budget stores, because there are a lot of useful and cheap items that are ideal for your celebration.

It is not so important where you will buy these or other things, because after the wedding you will be able to recoup some of your expenses if you want to sell the items of wedding decor. And do not be ashamed to resell any items that you do not need, or donate them to charity.

How to save on alcoholic beverages?

If your budget is very small, limit offers in the bar. Serving only beer and wine is a very common option to reduce the cost of a wedding reception. If you want to save even more money, be sure to choose a cheap wine.

You can mask the bottles, creating individual labels. This will add special details that your guests will like, and they will not even think about the brand of wine that you choose.

Make a fake wedding cake

Create your own artificial wedding cake for decorative purposes, and then serve your guests with a leaf pie. Most bakers evaluate their cakes depending on the time spent on decorating (great importance is also the size), and leafy delicacy requires a minimal decoration, will help reduce your costs for dessert.

To save even more, choose a cake in the grocery store, and for even more favorable price you can buy cakes or muffins. This is also a great option.

Do not invite a DJ

If you are looking for a way to reduce your costs, then creating an excellent playlist for your reception is something that you can easily do yourself. There are many great apps that you can download to launch a playlist at the wedding.

There are excellent services that you can use to customize your own wedding music in a more convenient way.

If you decide to save on a DJ, just make sure that everything is checked and prepared in advance, and also that on the wedding day you will have a specific person who, in the event of any technical problems with the playlist, will quickly eliminate them.

Think of a suitable clothing store

Many shops provide many excellent dresses, from traditional white dresses to the whole palette of shades, the prices for such wedding dresses are also different. If you want to purchase a dress from a designer, then do not forget that it will cost you much more. Consider options not in expensive malls, but in regular stores, you can also buy a short dress to save. You can also take a dress for rent, and not buy a new one.

Borrow items for your wedding

Borrow items from relatives and friends to use them at the wedding. Who knows that you borrowed something for your wedding day? Think of any family or friends who have items that can come in handy for you at your celebration.

Such accessories, for example, like fancy drink shakers, cake stands, a cake delivery kit, will not be superfluous.

Do not be ashamed to borrow these items from people you love. It's better than buying them just for your wedding day. At the same time, you will save money and create a more personal interesting decor. Just do not forget to return all the items in the condition in which you took them for your event.

Choose inexpensive flowers

Choosing inexpensive flowers for bouquets such as chamomiles or carnations, you can save a lot of money, but do not sacrifice style. These flowers are much cheaper than other, more popular wedding compositions, and are available all year round.

Spend time for cocktails

If you are worried about your budget, you can skip the official cocktail hour after the ceremony. Instead of offering snacks and cocktails, immediately go to dinner.

This option works especially well if you take care of photos at the wedding before the ceremony. Then there is no need to offer additional entertainment in the form of cocktails and snacks, as your guests will have to wait until you finish the wedding photo session.

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