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How to make peace with a loved one after a fight

In the life of each couple, even the strongest, misunderstandings occur, often leading to serious conflicts. Therefore at this or that moment the question may arise: "And how to reconcile with your beloved?"

Briefly about the main

The quarrel is not the end of the conflict. This is a reminder that you will again have to win the attention of your partner, who at the moment is very hurt and even angry. Sometimes you should not try to reconcile with the elect immediately after the conflict. This can lead to misunderstandings and a new outbreak of aggression. But to delay with reconciliation is also not worth it, otherwise your loved one will think that you do not need it.

Learning to take the first step

In the question of how to reconcile with the beloved after a quarrel, special importance should be given to the one who will first come to the rapprochement after the conflict. The most difficult thing is to not even hurt your partner even more in the heat of an explanation. For this, forget for a while all the reasons for your quarrel and tell your loved one about how you miss him, how you missed.

We show patience

It also happens that the chosen one is not yet ready to settle the conflict. How to reconcile with a loved one, if he does not want to? In such a situation it is better to give the partner some time. At the same time, you can try to start a conversation on an abstract topic. Suggest your second half together to see a romantic film - this will allow the partner to "cool down" and in the future to start a dialogue with you. Do not forget that conflicts are the cause of psychological trauma, emotional disturbances. In addition, they greatly affect human feelings and prevent their manifestation. But the desire to extinguish the conflict shows a person in the best light, since to make peace with a beloved man, for example, can be able to understand, forgive and make small concessions for the sake of her partner in life a woman.

If there was a conflict

How to reconcile with a loved one after a disagreement? First, calm down. Try not to raise your voice and not make claims to your loved one. Psychologists advise after each conflict to take a deep breath and count to themselves to thirty. Ask yourself - what is more important to you: stupid trifle or love and mutual understanding of a partner. Speak quietly and gently, in any case do not raise the tone. If a loved one categorically denies all your arguments and arguments, do not be angry - give him a little time to think, just do not put ultimatums and avoid making claims against him. If the cause of the conflict was not a trifle, but something more serious, interfering with your relationship, it is better to quash the quarrel immediately. Come to your second half, embrace, kiss and apologize. If you are the instigator of a quarrel, explain that the words of a partner make you feel uncomfortable, but despite this, you are very fond of and appreciate your loved one.

How to reconcile with your loved one after parting?

Quarrels often lead to the end of a relationship. In the end, if there is no mutual understanding, the partners decide to disperse. But, despite the feeling of resentment and anger, feelings can persist long enough. And a relatively long period of one of the partners, and maybe both, are thinking how to reconcile with a loved one. So, what to do?

  1. Forget all resentments and think about reconciliation with the chosen one. Remember all the funny and kind things that happened to you during the relationship. Remember, under what circumstances, how and where your acquaintance took place. If you really want to return your relationship, then the number of positive and good memories should be greater than the negative and unpleasant.
  2. Start by calling your second half. If a loved one drops your call or simply does not pick up the phone, try to visit the place where your partner happens most often. Seeing, do not rush to start a dialogue. Pull the offer of a meeting at a convenient time for both. Try to assign an expensive place to you a memorable place - this can be a cafe where you met, the alley where your first kiss happened, and so on.
  3. On a date, come in the outfit that the partner liked at the time of your relationship. At the meeting, remember all the wonderful moments that have ever happened to you. Tell a loved one that you really miss him, that they would like to return the time of your relationship, ask him to start all over again.
  4. If your half refuses this, suggest remaining friends. Usually the former couple do not mind communicating again. This will serve as a good clue, and you can again try to build a relationship with your partner. Show that for him you have changed for the better and continue to love your chosen one. Over time, your communication can turn into a warm, not a friendly relationship, and you can try to get closer again.
  5. Use an interesting move - make your second half a memorable gift or souvenir. This little thing will remind your partner about you and your wonderful relationships. Let present express your feelings to your beloved - this can be a beautiful postcard, a romantic message or a figure of two lovers.

Prevent disagreements

Psychologists advise to extinguish the conflict immediately after its appearance. Here are some tips to help you significantly reduce the risk of new quarrels:

1. Do not blame your partner for intimacy - such reproaches are very offensive and rarely forgotten.

2. Find a common passion that will bring you together - ride together on bicycles, go swimming, collect puzzles, visit exhibitions and museums, watch interesting films.

3. Do not hide the resentment in yourself - the best option is to tell your partner in a gentle way about how you feel.

4. Find in your favorite person more positive traits and more often talk about how you love them.

5. Avoid gossip about your partner - do not tell anyone about your relationships and grievances.

6. No one has forbidden resting from each other - it will be useful pastime, and you will be able to miss your chosen one again.

7. Do not take all the problems on yourself - your partner is also an independent and confident person.

8. In communication with a loved one, avoid prickly phrases: "you as always", "all in your father", "yes your whole family is like that," "you can not be trusted." Do not criticize your partner, do not use the words "again", "always" and "never".

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