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How to make a cat's house by own hands

Cats are interesting creatures, they sometimes like to choose to observe everything that is happening around them, and to rest strange places. It's okay if it's the sill or the back of the couch. But it also happens in a different way. In what cases does it become necessary to get a house for a cat? For example, you have a small apartment or family consisting of a large number of people, which irritates the kisu, and she is excessively zealously seeking solitude. Or your mustachioed and striped darling chose a place to rest unsuitable, for example, an unstable stack of flowers, your wardrobe with things or Even a dining table. In all these cases, and many others, the best way is if you have a cat's house in your apartment. It's quite possible to make it with your own hands. At the same time you can use improvised materials and, if you do not have the time and skills, to build some quick option.

How to make a cat's house with their own hands from the fact that the house was overlooked

What do you need for this? Unnecessary things that you wanted to throw away, and a little imagination. You can create a cat's house with your own hands from any box. Place it in the corner of the room, laying on its side (the long side). On the part that is now "bottom", place a soft litter. Also suitable for these purposes is a cardboard box, you can paint it on the outside or cover with a colored film. A good option for a house is an old suitcase, and a wicker basket turned on its side can be hung on a wall. There is an option to build a cat's house from the remains of a carpet or felt. It's not difficult at all to do it with your own hands. Join several small pieces of material or bend one big in any bizarre combination, as fantasy tells you. They are fastened together with a wire, glue, liquid nails, you can even sew with strong threads. Very creative looking cottages for pets from various old old appliances, for example from the computer monitor, column, TV set.

How to make a cat's house so that it looks like a purchase

Of course, for this you will need more time and effort, and, perhaps, you will need to buy some materials and tools. But there is no limit to your imagination. You can decorate the cat's house with your own hands so that it fits perfectly into the interior. Doing things yourself, you can take into account all the nuances: the size of the animal, its habits, features of the apartment. Necessary materials and tools: plywood sheets, metal corners, screws, hemp rope, screwdriver, glue, scissors, material (carpet, furniture fabric), foam rubber. The standard shape of the house is cubic, but you can make it stretched, wrong, it all depends on the imagination and skill. Fix the walls of the corners, fill the inside with the material, putting foam under it. The upholstery can be glued on plywood and fastened with small studs. After that, attach the front wall to the house, in which you first cut a hole with a diameter of 12-15 cm. The size of the room for the average cat is 0,4х0,4х0,4 m. Make an exterior decoration of the house. If you want it to be combined with a scratching pad - tightly wrap a plastic pipe 10-12 cm in diameter with a rope and fasten it to the structure. The whole construction is nailed to the floor, to the wall or to a wide sheet of plywood. The latter will serve as a stable base.

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