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Storage box for own things

For today in shops it is possible to meet anything you like! On sale are various things that are designed to facilitate our life. One of such pleasant trifles is the storage box. It helps compactly place household utensils and at the same time decorates the interior. This capacity can also be made independently. The purpose of this article is to show how a box for storing things is made by oneself.

This accessory, in fact, is not a novelty. After all, remember, in ancient times for such purposes used chests. To date, the storage box is not just a useful accessory. This is also a stylish interior decoration, because they are completely different in size, shape, material and style solution. Boxes are compact, foldable, can be with the top cover or without it. In style, the boxes are also completely different - glamorous, vintage, romantic, oriental, strict, etc. But do not rush to buy this accessory. A box for storing things made with your own hands will fully meet your tastes and needs. You can choose the right size, shape and beautifully arrange it for your taste.

As a basis, you can take already prepared unnecessary boxes from clothes, shoes, equipment, etc. And you can make them out of cardboard yourself. In order for the storage box to have an attractive appearance, use all improvised decorative things. It can be colored or wrapping paper, the remains of wallpaper, beautiful fabric, fringe, ribbons, threads, dry twigs, straws, beads - anything! To decorate the box with a fabric, you will need the following: fabric, PVA glue, brush and scissors. From the fabric you need to find two parts - for the lid and the box itself. When cutting, keep in mind that you need to leave the allowances - leave a width of 2 cm and a height of about 3 cm. Apply the glue neatly, with a thin layer. After you glue the fabric, cut off the excess on the corners and apply another layer of glue on top. After drying, there will be no visible traces, but this will add extra rigidity to the box. If desired, you can add beautiful decorative ribbons.

If the box for storing things with your own hands is made of thick cardboard, then the technique for decorating can be slightly complicated. It can be pasted with a cloth with a thin foam rubber, and decorate the cover with a large bead or loop.

There are also more complex ways of decorating boxes for storing things. For example, the bottom, the lid and the sides of the box can be decorated with leather pieces. And cover the rest of the surface with glue and wrap the jute rope. Such a box for storing things, created by yourself, will look stylish and unusual. In addition, you can add rope handles in the form of loops, threaded through the eyelets. Fastening of handles can be done inside the box, connecting the ends to each other. From the top you can add interesting decor elements, for example, round pieces of leather.

Unleash your imagination and create a storage box that will help you compactly and comfortably place things and decorate the interior.

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