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How to forget the guy you love very much? It's simple - love yourself!

Every woman at least once in a lifetime fell in love with madness. It's good when feelings are mutual, and if not? When you are answered with indifference, life can easily turn into a real nightmare. If this state of affairs does not suit you, and you are wondering how to forget the guy you love very much, then you are on the right track.

Was there love?

In principle, it does not matter whether you had a relationship with the object of your adoration, he threw you or may not even know about your existence. The main thing is that feelings for him bring you suffering.

When asked how to forget a guy whom you love very much, it's difficult to answer unequivocally. Often people, especially women, have a violent imagination and give out what they want for reality. Try to understand yourself. If you only survived the separation, it is unlikely to be able to adequately assess the situation. Wait a couple of weeks, then the emotions will settle down in the shower a little, and maybe there will be nothing to find out. If not, then try to answer honestly to yourself about such questions: did you have such feelings for someone else, maybe you are just an amorous nature that immediately rushes into the pool with a head? Such a heat of passion, of course, quickly fades away. So is it worth immediately hanging the label "lover" for every guy you like? Passion is only a prerequisite for love, it does not always grow into a high feeling. Therefore, before saying "I want to stop loving a guy", think, but do you really love him?

Under what circumstances did you start dating? It is possible that before meeting with this guy you have been lonely for a long time, so they rushed to his neck for fear of being alone. Or maybe he has an excellent sense of humor, and he made you laugh when you were in a bad mood? To have a good time together is not necessary to love.

What time period were you together? In less than six months of relations, it is hardly possible to determine with certainty whether you really love a man or not. Even if you love, then rejoice that everything happens now, when you are not "overgrown" with responsibilities, children and loans. So life has prepared you a much better option.

As a rule, more than 70% of girls after a while understand that they felt sympathy, hobby, sports interest, but not love. And for them the question of how to forget a guy who is very much in love, will no longer be relevant.

And if this is love?

When you are certain that you are experiencing the deepest feelings for a certain person, things are somewhat worse. But still not entirely hopeless. What to do in this case, how to stop loving the guy? The advice of a psychologist often says that the first thing you need to do is stop thinking about your lover.

No matter how trite it may sound, your suffering lives only in your head, accordingly, the less you think about a guy, the better you will feel. Of course, stop thinking about it - it's quite difficult. Take your time, fill the emptiness in the soul with an activity that you like more. Then the problem is how to forget the guy you love very much, will disappear by itself.

Finally we want to say that it is impossible to completely forget the lover, but you can change your attitude towards him, and most importantly - to yourself. Love yourself, and now let men think how to forget about you.

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