Gold dresses - evening dresses for women

Every woman likes to be in the spotlight. One of the best tools to achieve this is a spectacular outfit. But not everyone dares to shine brightly, because they are afraid to seem vulgar. Fortunately, there is an option that does not lose relevance in any season. These are gold dresses that can make you the queen of the evening.

Beautiful and dangerous

The shade of gold has an amazing ability to instantly attract the eyes of others. To ensure the correct effect, use it with caution. Not every model is successful. However, modern women of fashion do not think about this and often make mistakes. Often they miss against the combination of the primary color with the rest of the shades. A good option is a white and gold dress.

Here are some more colors, the combination of which is ideal:

  • Red - emphasizes the temperament of the image, suitable for creating the image of a femme fatale;
  • Green - looks rich, but there should be little gold in the outfit;
  • Brown - a dress in which there is a similar combination, you can wear in the daytime;
  • Blue - creates, perhaps, the most elegant combination;
  • Lilac - a combination of two shades can be used to go to a theater or restaurant.

When choosing a dress of golden color, one should remember about moderation. It in itself has high decorative qualities. That's why it's undesirable to use too many accessories for it. The attire is worn only for solemn events, and not for the solution of everyday affairs. Sometimes women of fashion look ridiculous, using heavy bracelets and rings in large quantities, as well as bright makeup. Remember: gold dresses of this neighborhood are not tolerated. Is it any wonder that a woman as a result is perceived as a discharged doll?

Topical Styles

The golden tint is so specific that it is necessary to take into account a number of factors for its successful application. In particular, the value has cut. Which models are the most in demand?


The most conservative option. The outfit looks luxurious, but at the same time - without a hint of vulgarity.

With open back

In such models, the front area is usually closed. Sometimes exceptions to the rules are allowed, but they are designed for specific cases. A woman should remember that you can wear the specified outfit, having an ideal posture. It is also necessary to monitor the skin condition. It should be well-groomed.


Experts recommend gold dresses of similar style to women with a magnificent bust. They look very tempting.


The best choice for parties and social events. Representatives of the fair sex look in such outfits incredibly feminine!

Thin straps

If the beautiful shoulders are a matter of your pride, do not ignore this option at all! It will further emphasize your dignity. Looks good on the owners of the elegant neck.

On one shoulder

Similar gold dresses have only one strap. Surprisingly, this outfit remains in the trend is not the first season. If you want to become the owner of a thing that will remain fashionable for a long time, pay attention to it.

"The dress-mermaid"

It is recommended to consider it for girls with a slender figure. The style assumes a fit almost to the knee area, after which the skirt at the bottom widens. This provides a visual effect of the "tail of a mermaid."

Classification by length

Another important criterion. There are universal options suitable for any age. At the same time, certain models are recommended to avoid women over forty, as well as holders of the full figure.

Most collections of eminent designers have a long golden dress. The number of decorative items for such a dress should be minimal. These are rhinestones, paillettes and stones. If they are still present, it is better that the fabric is matte. If the waist of a woman is narrow, she can add to the dress a shiny thin band.

Midi models assume an average length. This style is not for everyone. If a woman has short or full legs, the dress will ruin the whole image.

A short outfit can be adorned with paillettes and rhinestones. Girls with small breasts are recommended to use drapery on the bodice. In the presence of wide thighs, professionals are advised to wear a golden evening dress with a multi-layered bottom. Short length is suitable for a cocktail, as well as going to a disco.

Correctly selected attire indicates the presence of a refined taste.

With what to wear?

A few tips for accessories have been given above. However, it does not hurt to mention some other important points.

Use stud earrings with small gemstones or pearls. It is better if they are made of platinum or silver. But also exclusive products from gold of miniature size also approach. It is not right to wear diamonds during the day. Use these decorations in the evening and at night. The dress of a golden shade with author's jewelry is amazing.

The feeling of congestion is something that should be avoided. Of the jewelry is preferable to wear only two specific items, earrings and a ring, for example.

Shoes are of the greatest importance. It is better if it matches the color of the dress. Black shoes are also a good choice. Other options that can be considered: woven sandals, sandals on the platform and even ballet shoes. Avoid pink and yellow shoes.

The handbag under the white-gold dress must necessarily harmonize with it. The right accessory does not detract attention. Experts insist that it was made in the same shade as the outfit. Bulky bags are excluded. It is better to leave your hands free. But if you feel yourself "not at ease," then take a miniature product with you, a clutch, for example.

special instructions

Note! Under the ban are: jewelry, natural stones, jewelry of large sizes, iridescent colors of makeup.

The most advantageous combination: a one-color or red-gold dress, beige shoes or sandals and a complete lack of accessories.


Traditionally, expensive fabrics are used to create evening dresses . The more prestigious the event that a woman is going to visit, the more luxurious the material should be. Fashion experts recommend the outfits of satin and velvet in the winter. In the summer they advise to give preference to chiffon and silk. Taft is also suitable for the warm season.

Final advice

If you observe simple rules, you will be able to pick out the outfit that will become a real decoration of your figure. Do not strive to look the brightest in the evening - dresses for this are quite enough! His dazzling color will make everyone pay attention to you.

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