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How to draw kerambit step by step

The cold steel attracts with its brilliance, hidden power from the time when man has just started mastering the processing of metal. The legendary Kerambet is a knife with a rich history. The first mention of it is found in the 14th century among the people of Minangkbau, who inhabits the island of Sumatra. There it was used in wars with other islanders, and in civilian life it was used for household needs. As a novice artist to cope with the task of creating an image of weapons on paper with the greatest realism, how to draw kerambit easily and quickly, so that the image turned out beautiful and original, let us consider below.

History of origin

The Kerambit knife is easily recognized due to its peculiar curved shape. On the handle he has an opening for the index finger, and a sickle-shaped blade measuring from 3 to 10 centimeters is sharpened from the inside. In order to use the knife in battle, it is important to have a special technique. Hold it back, pointing the blade away from you. There are three main versions of the origin of kerambit, each of them is interesting. If you believe the first variant of origin, then this knife came from a sickle for harvesting crops - indeed, there is a similarity in the shape and processing of the blade. The next version says that for greater expression in the cock-fighting popular on the island, birds were tied to the paws with small curved blades. In favor of this hypothesis speaks the translation of the phrase Karambit Lawi Ayam - "spur of the cock". The third option claims that from the very beginning it was a military weapon, and the Indian knuckle-bone served as a model for it. Not discussing the excellent qualities of these knives in close combat, it is worth noting that they are appreciated for the elegance of lines and external beauty. How to draw kerambit to fix its image on paper, we will consider below.

Preparation for work

It is very important to prepare for the drawing process. To practice creativity, you need to understand the technique in which the drawing will be executed. The minimum set of necessary materials is a sharp-edged simple pencil, an elastic band, a piece of paper. Let's consider the instruction how to draw kerambit step by step in pencil.

Technique of drawing

Kerambite can be different. There are several modifications of classic Malay knives. How to draw kerambit, which will look organically? The curved shape and the hole on the handle are the main difference. The basis of the image is a collection of simple figures.

  1. The first stage is the orientation of the silhouette on a piece of paper - we put the contours of the future knife strictly in the center.
  2. Further we improve the handle, carefully drawing the details - a circular hole for the finger, convexity and roughness of the handle, the head of the fixing bolts. Use a soft pencil to give the volume to the drawing with the help of shadows.
  3. The next stage is the blade. In order to give the blade an effect of sharpness, use for drawing with a hard pencil.

The initial sketch of the image is ready.

The final stage

The final stage of describing how to draw kerambit in stages, we will consider in detail. Gently remove any excess contours with a rubber band. Pay attention to the relief details - carefully shading lines, form on the paper dark and light areas. Now that the sketch is finished, you can draw a picture with colored pencils.

The essence of stage-by-stage drawing is the gradual reproduction of the image. A detailed description, which describes how to draw kerambit, is useful to a beginner artist. In details, consider the scheme, the technique of creating a picture will become clear even to an inexperienced amateur.

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