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How to choose the perfect bathroom faucet?

The bathroom for many is not just a place where they wash off the accumulated dirt of the day, but a kind of oasis of cleanliness and tranquility. Therefore, the design of the bathroom is paid no less attention than other rooms in the house.

Many of us think that choosing a bathroom faucet will not take them long. But this belief is not true, because now manufacturers offer just a huge selection of mixers that can become very stylish bathroom decoration, so it is very serious to approach this choice.

So before you buy a bathroom faucet, you need to know the differences of the mixers from each other:
Mixers differ:

1. By mounting methods:
- the mixer is mounted on the sink;
The mixer is mounted on the wall of the bathroom.
The first option is much preferable, since in almost all shells a special aperture is made for the mixer, and for the second type of mounting it is necessary to drill special holes for fastening.
2. By type:
- Joystick or single lever, that is, one handle that, when turned in a certain direction, allows you to adjust the cold and hot water;
-Sensor mixers are the most expensive type of mixer. The principle of operation is quite simple: a person simply lifts his hands and special sensors that react to movement include water;
- two-ventilated, that is, taps with cold and hot water are located on both sides of the mixer.
3. By the availability of additional functions and functionality:
- faucets with shower;
- mixers without a shower;
- thermostats-thermostats;
- mixers with several spouts.
4. By type of compaction:
-with rubber gaskets;
-with ceramic discs.
Here everything depends on the quality of your water, because if the water is very often rusted, with a mixture of sand and so on, then it is most preferable to choose a mixer with rubber gaskets that can be changed very easily and inexpensively with serious wear.
5. According to the material of manufacture:
- brass;
-from stainless steel;
6. According to the manufacturer:
- domestic
-Imported: Grohe, Belario, Hansa.
The choice here depends only on your financial capabilities and preferences, because virtually all manufacturing companies guarantee the quality of their products, which is confirmed by a large warranty period.
Before buying, be sure to pay attention to the following aspects:
The crane should open and close without visible effort;
- in any case, during work there should be no sharp changes in temperature, so the work should be smooth;
-select a mixer, ideally suited to the design of the bathroom in its stylistic direction and material.

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