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How to choose a wavy parrot. Simple Tips

Pets can be different. Quite often these are small, multi-colored exotic birds.

Wavy parrots. Short description

If a responsible decision is made to purchase a pet, you should prepare for this event. Before choosing a wavy parrot, get acquainted with information that helps to avoid mistakes when buying.

Homeland of wavy parrots is Australia. They get along well at home and are unpretentious in their care. The sizes of decorative representatives of birds are rather small. The length of the body is eighteen to twenty centimeters, the wingspan is up to ten centimeters. The long tail has a stepped shape. Wavy parrots have strong tenacious paws. They perfectly climb on branches, and also quickly move on a flat surface.

In natural conditions birds have a green color. You can meet birds and other colors. Parrots yellow, blue and even white with a decorative black pattern were withdrawn in artificial conditions.

Wavy parrots are quite sociable. They like to swim. They have excellent eyesight and hearing. Are amenable to training. They have the ability to imitate the singing of various birds, as well as voice other sounds and repeat individual words. The life span of these birds is fifteen years.

How to choose a wavy parrot?

To purchase a pet, it is better to go to a specialized pet store. Do not rush into buying it. Before choosing a wavy parrot, you should know what to look for. First of all, pay attention to his condition. The bird should be healthy. How is this determined? Appreciate the appearance of parrots. In the normal state they are quite active. Birds gaily chirp and move in the cage. Their feathers are not broken, they do not have any protrushes. Beak and feet without outgrowth and damage. Glazed eyes.

You should not buy a bird that sits, gnawing. Ruffled feathers with injuries indicate a poor condition. Also, do not buy a bird if there are other unhealthy individuals in the enclosure. The likelihood that the acquired parrot can also get sick is very high.

In addition to external signs, the age of the bird is important. Adult individuals do not get along well in new conditions. Therefore, parrots should be purchased at the age of 1-2 months.

How to choose a wavy parrot, so as not to err with the age of the bird? It can be determined by external signs. Birds up to three months have wavy plumage on the head, the eyes are completely painted black. Iridescent circles around the eyes appear later. On the cornea of the beak there are black markings.

How to choose a wavy parrot - a boy or a girl?

When choosing a parakeet, buyers quite often want to buy either a male or female. To do this, you need to be able to distinguish between them. This is especially important when purchasing a pair of birds. Choose a wavy parrot - male or female - according to external data. The main distinguishing feature of the floor is the color of the wax, located in the upper part of the beak. In males, it is colored blue or blue. The opposite floor has an outgrowth over the beak of pink or brown. In size, the males are slightly larger. They are more sociable and mobile.

Pet care

Moving a bird always causes her stress. Getting into new conditions, a wavy parrot should get used to and get used to new conditions of detention. Before choosing a wavy parrot, you should familiarize yourself with the rules of its content and feeding. In a new place, favorable conditions should be created for him and food prepared. In the pet store you need to inquire about the diet of the bird. In the presence of habitual forage and good conditions for maintenance, the pet will soon become familiar after transporting and moving it to a new location. Gradually the wavy parrot will get used to the arrangement of the feeding bowl and drinkers. Later it will be possible to modify the diet.

Training of birds

How to choose a wavy parrot to speak? This question arises in many lovers of domestic animals. Preference in choosing a pet give wavy parrots precisely because of the ability to imitate. For learning it is better to choose a boy before the month. They are easier to learn. A lone bird quickly gets used to its owner.

Before you start training, the bird should be given to get used to the owner. A hand parrot knows its owner, sits down on his shoulder and takes food from his hands. To pet remember individual words and phrases, it is necessary to constantly talk with him. At the same time, communication should be unobtrusive and pleasant. When teaching other sounds should not distract the parrot. The presence of extraneous voices or the presence of other birds will distract the pet. Learning begins with simple words that are repeated many times in his presence. After the lesson is learned and the bird speaks, the task can be complicated.

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