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How to become calm and balanced? Methods of self-control

Anxiety, stress, unbalance became frequent companions of modern man. To such conditions leads a huge flow of negative information, the sources of which are primarily television and the Internet. In addition, the balance of household and work dislocations is disturbing. All these factors negatively affect the psyche. How to become calm and balanced, how to resist stressful situations? We will talk about effective ways that will help you learn how to control emotions.

Signs of disturbance

How does this state manifest? Here are the main features:

  • Frequent change of mood without reason;
  • Unreasonable irritability;
  • Manifestation of aggression;
  • Decreased attention, perseverance;
  • headache;
  • weakness;
  • insomnia.

Have found out in itself any symptom or at once a little? Calm, only calm: our advice will help them cope.

Why monitor emotions?

Let's think about how often each of us utters such phrases: "I acted so hot," "I could not contain emotions," and the like? In fact, people tend to justify their own actions by inability to control their behavior. But such incontinence leads to the destruction of the person's social contacts, in particular, negatively affects relations in the family, hinders professional realization and career growth, as well as personal development. Therefore, one of the secrets of a successful person can be called calmness - only calmness will help to find the right decision in critical situations and confidently take the necessary measures.

How can you develop this quality? Where to begin? Below we will tell you how to learn how to control your emotions.

Psychology considers the concept of balance as a person's ability to respond adequately to external stimuli. Thus, having learned to correctly perceive various factors in the form and strength, it is possible to achieve the ability to control one's own emotions. How can you stop accepting life's troubles too close to your heart? Below we offer several effective ways to solve this problem.

Complete rest

How does a modern person rest after a hard working day? Most often sleeps no more than 5-6 hours, whereas for health, at least 8 hours are needed. In addition, the noise of the city's bustle and highways does not allow us to fully recover our strengths, and the pressing problems do not allow us to relax and plunge into a deep, deep sleep. In recent years, there has been a significant increase in various disorders of the nervous system - people often began to suffer from insomnia, insomnia, post-somatic disorders (a sense of fatigue and rest after rest). Of course, the lack of proper rest promotes the development of irritability, excessive emotionality. How to become calm and balanced, if you are concerned about sleeping problems? Here are some effective recommendations:

  • Do not watch TV or "hang" on the Internet just before bed, read the book better;
  • Drink tea with mint and honey - this is a delicious and healthy drink, which also helps to cope with irritation, nervousness;
  • Take a hot bath with herbs of sage, lemon balm, oregano, chamomile - such a pleasant procedure will not only relieve fatigue, but will calm the nervous system, set the body for the coming rest;
  • It is recommended to exclude the use of strong tea and coffee;
  • Do not forget about the daily walk in the park - fresh air will refresh, and the picturesque landscape will calm.

Is it worth to restrain emotions?

A leisurely walk along a picturesque avenue or a rest in a comfortable chair with a cup of aromatic herbal tea is certainly useful for calming the nervous system of pastime. But is it worth it to suppress emotions when the situation has an active effect on them? According to psychologists, such a deterrence of the negative inside only aggravates the mental state of a person. Experts recommend to deal with accumulated emotions with the help of a hobby. Each person chooses a self-interest activity, but the most effective hobbies are psychologists consider art therapy, sports (including extreme kinds), different directions of dance.

Diary of self-control

Specialists recommend patients who complain of incontinence, imbalance, such a method as psychological control. Its essence consists in observing the reactions that arise in a person to any external stimuli. To do this, psychologists offer to keep a diary, in which it is recommended to note various conflict situations and the reaction of the researcher to them. After that, the records together with the specialist should be analyzed, identified and, if possible, eliminated the root cause of incontinence.

In addition to maintaining a diary, there are other ways of self-control. For example, such as meditation, attention switching, breathing exercises and others. In addition, the inability to control emotions can be concealed under the guise of humor and a positive attitude towards others.


Systematic introspection will also help to control the manifestation of negative emotions. Experts recommend daily devote a few minutes to thinking, understanding the actions and reactions of others around them. It is important that nothing around does not interfere - introspection should be conducted in silence and comfortable conditions for a person. Psychologists recommend considering yourself from the outside - only in this case you can achieve an objective assessment, after which it is possible to draw the right conclusions. The most significant judgments that have been formulated as a result of introspection are recommended to be recorded - thus improving the effectiveness of introspection as a way to achieve equilibrium.

Useful recommendations

In addition to what has already been said, we will share simple but effective advice on how to become calm and balanced:

  1. Create a comfort around yourself. When a person is uncomfortable to be in any room, there is irritation, aggressiveness. Therefore, it is so important to properly create an interior not only at home, but also at work. It is necessary to be guided by a principle: "It is necessary that not that is expensive, and that is pleasant".
  2. Minimize communication with people who are negative about the world around them, often complain about life.
  3. Define your own priorities and set a clear goal.
  4. Practice time management - time control will reduce the likelihood of critical situations and streamline daily business.
  5. Do not leave unfinished business.

If you do not know how to become calm and balanced, you should seek professional help from specialists, in particular a psychologist and a neurologist.

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