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How to arrange a woman for yourself: practical advice

By and large, a woman from a man needs very little - care and attention. However, men believe that women are much more complicated than they really are, and that it is impossible to please them. But this is not so. Here are some practical tips on how to arrange for a woman and keep her attention. Remember that our guide to action should not be taken as the only correct one, but it can help in this difficult matter.

What do women pay attention to?

The representatives of the fair sex love compliments. This applies to any ladies, even the most emancipated. The main thing is to find the right words: the phrase that it looks great, anyone will like it. You can do without words - a look full of desire, but remember that women love with their ears. This is so, whether you believe it or not. Do not stop talking - for you it's not so difficult, and the object of your love will bloom before your eyes.

Asking about how to arrange a woman for yourself, remember that gifts play an important role, because this is a material manifestation of attention. And it's not about commercialism, but especially women's psychology: they need confirmation of your love, which you can touch and show your friends. A small pretty bragging. Especially appreciated gifts brought from travel and business trips: they will remind your beloved that you thought of her apart. Do not be mistaken! Inventing how to arrange a woman for yourself, you do not need to besiege stores of household appliances. Get a useful gift for your lady in the household will be nice, but, believe me, something completely unrelated to home affairs will do much better. There is such a psychological device: tell your beloved that you have prepared a surprise for her, and suggest that you guess what it is. Listen carefully to the answers - she will tell you what she wants.

How to attract the attention of the former girl?

It happens that people break up. It's very sad, but not always irreparable. How to arrange for a woman, if in the past you broke the firewood and she left you? First, do not show your weakness and depressed mood. It's clear that you are ill, but this does not necessarily need to know your beloved. On the contrary, if she sees that you are good without her, that you are not lost, but continue to move on, it will confuse her and make her ponder. Secondly, occupy yourself with something. This is one of the most important rules that will help restore your love. Be constantly busy not to think about the past, take your mind off. No one can explain how this works, but it works! Thirdly, do not communicate with her for a while - do not call, do not write, do not look for meetings. Let her do it first. If the feelings are still alive, she will definitely call. These are women - they need to communicate with those who are important to them. Fourthly, remember only the good of your shared past. This tones in a kind way and attracts. In addition, if your meeting still takes place, it is better to go to where you were great together. Fifth, and this is the most important, admit your mistakes and correct yourself. Why did she leave you for some reason? Think about why this happened, and do not allow this in the future.

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