How do I manage my Android phone from my computer?

Periodically, there may be a desire to do something with your phone on Android, both for entertainment purposes and for the pragmatic. Anyway, there are quite a few possibilities to control the Android-phone from the computer. We'll talk about them.

What do manufacturers propose?

Virtually all more or less large companies that produce smartphones and tablets with Android operating systems offer their users special software that can be used to control devices from a computer. They, it must be admitted, are quite good. But still they have a drawback - the focus is exclusively on the devices of one manufacturer. Therefore, if you have a collection of smartphones and tablets from different manufacturers, you may need to run several applications at the same time to work with them. And this, you see, is inconvenient.

Universal Programs

And here multi-purpose developments come to the rescue, which primarily focus on the operating system. They can perform computer management from an Android phone via WiFi, USB, mobile network, bluetooth and some other options, and also work in the opposite mode. Since the two first sources of communication are the most convenient, interaction with them will be considered within the framework of the article. It is worth noting that universal programs are not only that allow you to work with multiple devices at the same time, so they often boast more functionality than branded applications.


To use this application, you need to download your client for the computer, and for the phone - to install it through the "Play Market". It supports three ways of connecting:

  1. USB.
  2. Wi-Fi.
  3. Bluetooth.

Here, it is even possible to broadcast from the phone screen in real time, but for the time being this is provided only when using USB. As the most functional option, we will consider it. So, initially you need to make sure that there are all the drivers responsible for working through the interface. Also, make sure that USB debugging is enabled. Tie devices with a cable. Then run a pre-installed on a personal computer or laptop client. In it, go to "File" - "Settings" and in "Connection via ..." select this type of connection. Then the Android phone is controlled from the computer via USB. You can drag and drop files or work like a smartphone, but instead of a finger there will be a mouse here.

Remote control of the Android phone from the computer is via Wi-Fi. To do this, the network itself must be present, and all devices must be connected to it. It is also desirable to set a security password. First, the client on the phone starts, and only then the one on the computer.

And finally about working through Bluetooth. Initially, you need to set up your phone so that it can be detected. To do this, use the proprietary driver. Then you need to know the COM port number, through which it connects to the computer technology, and specify it in the client settings. As you can see, it's not that difficult to manage the phone through a computer. Android provides quite a lot of development opportunities, than did not fail to take advantage of different companies that create software for mobile devices. Similar principles are followed by other programs, so they will be less talked about, we will only mention functionality.


This program is one of the most popular in the world for remote access. According to her developer, more than 220 million downloads were recorded. Last but not least, this looks like reality because it is possible here not only to control the Android phone from the computer, but also generally work at a distance between different devices and operating systems. Also we suggest you to familiarize with such advantages:

  1. To manage enough of the Internet. This process can be done from anywhere in the world with software and communication.
  2. You can demonstrate the screen of your devices to other users of different machines, which is sometimes convenient, and sometimes irreplaceable.
  3. Stable and high speed of operation is observed.

This program is distributed free of charge, but only for non-commercial use. If it is planned to hold company councils and conferences, then it is necessary to pay developers of the application. In fairness, it is worth noting the low cost of the license.


Also uses a system for which clients on both the computer and the mobile device are needed. Managing the Android phone from the computer at the moment with the help of this application is free, which with good characteristics can not but rejoice. You can also broadcast the screen to the monitor and perform remote control from the computer. Speaking about this application, it is difficult not to mention even the peculiar "Spartan" simplicity of the design of this program.


Managing the Android phone from the computer in practice will require you to understand the nuances and features, but highlighting a few tens of minutes it will not be difficult. Why were the software products presented here selected? Initially, it is necessary to allocate a wide functionality and free distribution. It's also worth mentioning that these applications are easy to use, and the tools demonstrate stable operation. As you can see, everything was aimed at amateur and non-professional use in this area.

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