Hairstyle to school for short hair (photo)

The child spends a considerable amount of time at the school desk. Going to school is the daily duty of every schoolgirl. And every morning mothers try to put in order the "naughty" hair of their daughters after sleep. After all, the hairstyle to school for short hair or long strands should be comfortable, beautiful and practical.

Requirements for a school hairstyle

The school makes great demands concerning the appearance of the pupils. Some girls try to stand out with the help of appearance, but even so, from time immemorial, the general view of schoolgirls was strict and accurate.

School requirements do not affect the length of the hair. It is important that the hairstyle is neat and comfortable, and, of course, beautiful. Hair should not interfere with the child during the training process, so the hairstyle to school for short hair, medium length or long curls should be comfortable.

An important requirement is the purity of hair and modesty of hair. It should not attract excessive attention from others.

It is allowed to use accessories such as barrette, bezel, elastic band and bow. Inappropriately look hairstyles, pretty decorated with accessories.

With caution, it is worth choosing the gum, because a bright or voluminous version of the product will stand out against the background of the standard school appearance of girls.

Light Hairstyles Options

French weaving

This is the perfect hairstyle for school. On short hair, this option is suitable, as the spikelet from the side:

  1. The hair at the forehead is divided into three identical strands, two of which are attached to the sides with the help of rubber bands.
  2. First, spinning spikelets from the locks, located in the center.
  3. The resulting pigtail is attached to the back of the head, and from the two separated strands, the same braids are braided until the length of the hair allows.
  4. The braids are connected at the back of the head to the tail.


There are original and simple ones in creating hairstyles for short hair. In school, a teenager or first-grader can make the following option, for the creation of which you need a thin band and a string:

  1. At the end of the rope, it is desirable to attach a paper clip for convenience.
  2. Separate a small string of hair at the forehead and tie it with a rope as tight as possible at the roots. We fix the rope with a knot.
  3. The rope is then passed through each hair strand and fastened with a knot.
  4. With each successive hair loss, you need to take a little more lock until the "visor" reaches the ear.
  5. At the end, the rope is fixed, and the loose hair is thoroughly combed.

Standard tail

A simple and quick version of the hairstyle for short hair. In school, a girl can make two tails with a hidden rubber band:

  1. Hair is divided into two identical parts with the help of a smooth parting.
  2. On each side is left a small strand of hair that will hide the gum.
  3. We fasten the tails with elastic bands and wrap them with detached strands.
  4. For securing the folds, you can use invisible or studs.

Four tracks

It is better to choose practical and, of course, light hairstyles for school. On short hair it is more difficult to choose the best option than for long curls. It is important to consider that the child does not sit in one place, he is constantly in motion, which often leads to the fact that the hair does not look well-groomed and disheveled.

Amaze with their variety of numerous photo hairstyles to school. On short hair, you can make the following fashionable and convenient option:

  1. Clean and dried hair is separated by straight parting.
  2. On each side of the hair we divide into two identical strands, we obtain 4 parts.
  3. One strand from either side is twisted in a knot clockwise.
  4. For fixing, an invisible or a small hairpin will fit.
  5. With the rest of the strands we do the same actions.

You can twist more than four tracks, so that the hair will be better to hold. In addition, the hair looks good with weaving a spikelet from each strand.

Bezel from tails

With the help of small monophonic rubber bands, you can make an original and beautiful hairdress for a short hair on a daily basis. You can make a practical bezel to the school, which will last all day.

The process of creating a rim includes the following:

  1. Separation of hair with an oblique parting.
  2. Collecting the first locks near the hair growth zone in a normal tail.
  3. Then connect the first tail with another strand, imitating the rim along the edge of the head.
  4. Fastening each ponytail with an elastic band.

You can make a similar bezel around the head or leave loose hair on the back of the head.

Unusual and practical hairstyle in school for short hair is sure to please the young student.

Weaving from the bangs

Weaving is an ideal hairstyle for school for short hair. Photos for children with a variety of braids prove the beauty and restraint of the hairstyle. If the child has a bang, then it can be weaved into a braid. Hairstyle looks unusual, and it takes a little time to create it. So, it is necessary:

  1. Carefully comb the clean hair.
  2. Split the hair with two corks on both sides of the head.
  3. Part of the hair in the center must be braided into the spikelet, including the bangs.
  4. Lateral strands can be gradually weaved, or it is possible to simply collect in a tail together with a scythe.

For decoration, a small bow is suitable. This option is well combined with the "dick ballerina", other types of weaving, as well as accessories: tapes, rims, crabs.

Two braids

Two braids - perhaps the most popular hairstyle for schoolgirls. But it is difficult to braid ideal braids on short hair, so there are interpretations of all known hairstyles:

  • For example, you can braid the two braids almost at the forehead and wrap them around their base, secure with an invisible or hairpin.
  • You can make two pigtails and fix the tips at their base with the help of invisibility, and the rest of the hair to assemble into a ponytail.

There are two main features of school hairstyles. First - the hair style should be practical and convenient. The second - the hair should not interfere with the child in school.

Fast Hairstyle

Practically for a few minutes on short hair you can create a beautiful everyday hairstyle for a young fashionista. Here are a few options.

"Cones" of hair

In the process of creation you will need a comb, 4 elastic bands, invisible or studs:

  • Carefully comb the clean hair and divide them into 4 parts, that is, two halves on each side;
  • The first string on either side is twisted into a tourniquet and wraps the base of the hair, creating a "bump";
  • Similar actions are done with the other three strands.
  • For fixing we use elastic bands and invisible (hairpins).

Wrinkled tail

It is enough to have a comb and an elastic band at hand to make a beautiful and fast hairdo for a child in school:

  • We collect hair in the tail from below, that is below the occipital part;
  • Fix the tail with an elastic band;
  • We make a small hole in the middle above the elastic band;
  • Stretch the hair in the tail into the hole from the top down;
  • Tail is out of the question ready.

How to choose a hairstyle for school on short hair?

When choosing a school hairstyle, you need to remember about beauty and practicality: do not think only about how to separate a child from the crowd.

There are no two identical people. You can make a classic all-known hairstyle without excesses and still the child will look in its own way attractive.

When choosing a hairstyle for a schoolgirl, one must take into account the fact that the hair should not fall on the face, interfering with the child. It is important to choose an option that will last all day.

In addition, there are certain features that you need to know about when choosing a hairstyle.

  1. The appearance of the child is often not combined with the hairdo. It can be the growth or complexion of a girl, the shape of the face or the length of the neck. A girl with a round face will not get a haircut, in which the hair will frame the face, highlighting the roundness. A full girl should not make a magnificent haircut, which only visually weight the appearance of the child.
  2. Convenience is an important feature when choosing a hairstyle. With poor fixation, the tail will disintegrate, which will interfere with the child during the training process. If the hairpins are placed incorrectly, they will crush, delivering the girl discomfort.
  3. The measure should be present in everything, it concerns and accessories for hair. Do not choose bright and voluminous ornaments, it will not be appropriate for the school environment.
  4. Take care of good fixation of hair. At an older age, a schoolgirl can fix her hair on her own, which you can not say about elementary school pupils. Good fixing guarantees a neat appearance of the schoolgirl throughout the school day.

The beauty, convenience and practicality of the hairstyles created for school always remain beyond competition. Therefore, it is impossible to overestimate the relevance of such classic hairstyles as spits and tails in various interpretations.

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