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How to Properly Download Press Girls

This question is set by many girls who dream of looking slim and beautiful. However, not everyone knows the exact answer to this question. It should be borne in mind that the abdominal muscles are very important for the beauty of the female body. They affect posture and participate in all movements of the body. A flat and even tummy can not be reached without performing special physical exercises, but all classes should be organized correctly.

How to properly press the girls?

Exercise on an empty stomach.

Fitness trainers recommend performing exercises for the press in the morning before meals or within a day not less than two hours after eating. This requirement is easy to explain: the body begins to burn fat deposits only when it does not contain nutrients.

Critical days.

At the onset of critical days, physical exercises for the press are undesirable. It is necessary not only to wait until the end of menstruation, but to continue classes for two days later.

Load distribution.

Proper distribution of the load during classes can greatly improve their effectiveness. During the exercise at the peak, make a stop for 2-3 seconds and return smoothly to the starting position. This is necessary so that you can be sure that you are straining the right muscle groups.

Do not overdo it.

With an ill-conceived approach, it seems that the muscles of your press will be stronger, the more times you do each exercise. However, this is not at all the case. This does not help quickly pump up a girl's press . The fact is that at some point the muscles of the press will get tired of the load and other muscle groups will start working, and this is extremely undesirable. The number of repetitions of one exercise should be selected depending on your physical condition, but should not be more than 15 times in any case.

Exercises how to properly press the girls.

Muscles of the lower press.

Bend your knees, lying on your back. Hands should be stretched along the trunk. Raise your feet slowly on inhalation and hold in the upper position for 2-3 seconds. Then we slowly return them to the starting position already on exhalation. Note that the legs should be constantly bent at one angle: they can not be bent or unbent. This is a prerequisite for how to properly press the girls.

Slanting muscles.

Lying on your back, spread out the arms in the sides or close them behind the head, the legs should be bent at the knees. Raise your feet on the breath so that the thighs are perpendicular to the floor. Further, lower the legs to the right to touch the knee of the floor. Then, on exhalation, raise your legs and return them to their original position. This exercise should be repeated in the same order, but already to the left.

Muscles of the upper press.

Lying on your back, legs knit in your lap and straighten your arms along the trunk. Raise your arms and body upwards on inhalation and stretch stronger, but the waist should not come off the floor. Then, on exhalation, return smoothly to the starting position. It is necessary to pay attention, that the case should be lifted upwards, as many have got used to do it forward. To make it easier to do this exercise, we advise you to select a point on the ceiling directly above you, and then imagine that you want to reach this point with your nose.

The whole cycle of exercises can be completed with a series of slopes. This will be a kind of "massage" of the abdomen. Remember that professional fitness trainers to the question: "How to properly press the girls?", It is recommended to perform the correct alternation of exercises. First of all, a load is given for the muscles of the lower press, then the oblique muscles are loaded and the exercise complex is completed with a load for the muscles of the upper press. You can fix the result by adding a diet to the exercises, it will help to achieve a beautiful tummy faster.

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