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Gluttony is a form of slavery

Death from a cardiovascular disease in just begun adulthood - what can be sadder for a spouse, children and friends? A common cause of such illnesses is overeating and associated complications in the form of excess weight, high cholesterol and low mobility (you do not want to move with excess body weight, the vicious circle closes absurdly). And the cause of the abnormal attitude towards food in Christian asceticism is called gluttony. This is a grave sin in both Orthodox and Catholic traditions. Why?

Satiety as the goal of life

It is believed that a person infected with this ailment of the spirit puts his satiety and pleasure of eating above everything in life, including above the Lord God. This subordination to the lower needs of the body is, in fact, a form of slavery. How many people want to lose weight, not trying to defeat the cause of this trouble - an abnormal relationship with food!

Not only binge eating

In the notion of very many, gluttony is the excessive consumption of food. In fact, gluttony is just one of the demons that torment the soul. The second is the addiction to delicious food. Such a social phenomenon as gourmetism, the desire to "understand" in tasty things, from the spiritual point of view is very dangerous.

Anoreksichki too chelvougodnitsy

You probably noticed that many losing weight begin to painfully treat food, plan its every reception and imagine for hours what exactly they will eat tomorrow morning, when it is already "possible" to eat what is forbidden in the evening? They are obsessed with gluttony! Bulimia and anorexia are also a manifestation of an abnormal relationship to physiology.

And how to eat?

So, is there only tasteless food? We do not need extremes, we are not monks, and therefore absolute rigor is not up to many. You just have to try to eat especially attractive food on holidays, preferably church, and be limited to just one small portion without an additive. Then we will not sin. The main thing is not to dream about the holiday one month before the event, making gastronomic pleasures the most important in the "program".

At a wrong time

The third demon, tormenting the soul of a glutton, is impatience with regard to the time of eating. That is, when a person eats earlier than the time, which for him is usually or appointed. It turns out that the ideal Christian - one who is able to do without "goodies", he eats moderately and according to the schedule. Gluttony is an ailment of the soul because it makes the sinner dependent on food. All the diversity of the world's phenomena for man is blocked by the possibility of enjoying "here and now".

Mother of Passion

Gluttony is a mortal sin because it is with him that all other passions begin. In particular, a person who has allowed himself excess, there is excessive or inappropriate sexual desire, laziness, leading to idleness, dejection (from excess weight, for example). The case can go as far as pride (when a person is hurt by the fact that he, the "Titan of the Will," took and was defeated).

Is there a prayer for gluttony? There is no specific, but it makes sense to pray to Mary of Egypt, which was pursued by passions during the long years of torment in the desert. But there is no magic "from God", it is best to pray for help to Christ Himself, remembering that it is impossible to conquer the gluttony passion, it was not possible even for the great ascetics. You just have to try to keep yourself within the framework of every day. And ask strength to fight with God. Gluttony is also non-observance of posts ...

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