Facts about Aeroflot. Who owns Aeroflot?

The largest airline in the Russian Federation, the most famous air carrier in Russia is Aeroflot. Every year the company carries at least 10 million passengers. The company's impressive and modern air fleet has more than 167 aircraft. This is not only an internal carrier, but also an international carrier. The aircraft of this airline fly to 122 airports around the world.

"Aeroflot" in the facts

The company is a part of the largest air carriers of Europe and has the youngest air fleet in Europe. The technical equipment is impressive. Modern centers for the training of flight personnel, training centers for new civil aviation pilots, own situation centers and passenger support services.

The speed of technological re-equipment of the company for the newest models is 20% ahead of the pace of creating an air infrastructure in Russia. The company creates its own infrastructure for training and training of personnel, including abroad. In 2011, our own aviation school was opened, which produces and employs more than 160 civil aviation pilots per year. At the disposal of the company "Aeroflot" is the largest and unique in Europe Flight Control Center.

The shares of Aeroflot are a profitable and promising investment for today. They give the right to receive dividends and share in the capital of the airline. In addition, you can use the volatility of the securities market and sell shares more expensively.

Aeroflot has no direct competitors in Russia and is the most successful domestic airline.

History of a great company

The history of Aeroflot is impressive and poses many interesting questions, on which it is very problematic to find answers. Aeroflot looks like a private airline, but it's not entirely true. It is one of the oldest airlines in the world. Aeroflot was founded back in 1923, but the name was different. "Dobrolet" - the so-called this giant in the air transportation market. Only in 1932 the company received its famous name. Who owns Aeroflot? To the people! That's how any citizen of the USSR would answer.

Until 1991 Aeroflot was a monopolist in the USSR and was the only airline. The company covered not only domestic and international passenger transportation. It also performed military functions. In addition, it was the largest air carrier in the world. The company's air fleet did not depend on foreign manufacturers, because it was entirely on the state's security. The shares of Aeroflot were always topical, even after the collapse of the USSR.

The collapse of the state did not promise the company anything good. In order to remain competitive in the new world, the company in the 2000s conducted a serious work on the image. Corporate colors, aircraft painting, the form of personnel and even the approach to business have changed. However, if it were not for the support of the government of the Russian Federation, it is not known, the company would be able to survive the hard times.

Air fleet

The largest civilian air fleet is located just at Aeroflot. The company's policy is that aircraft do not stay in the fleet for a long time. Old aircraft are sold to other airlines and replaced by younger ones. In the company's fleet there are so many planes that there are all the popular models of foreign manufacturers of aviation equipment.

Very pleasant is the fact that the company supports the domestic manufacturer. The fleet of domestic aircraft is equipped with new "Super Jeti" of domestic production. Soon the fleet of the company will be replenished with the most modern civil airliners in the world - МС21.

Who owns Aeroflot?

In the modern world, information noise is a common thing. Information is not always true. Serious damage to the image of the company brought rumors that it is no longer a domestic air carrier. These rumors still had definite grounds. The fact is that training civil aviation pilots is a long and resource-intensive process. Pilot graduates, although they have enough experience for the company, but not qualified enough to be commanders of the aircraft. In order to correct the shortage of commanders of ships, Aeroflot began hiring foreign pilots of civil aviation for this post.

Who owns Aeroflot? An exact answer can not be given. Aeroflot is a public joint-stock company. Everyone can invest their own financial resources in the company's shares. Shares give the owner the right to share in the company. Accordingly, the larger the share, the more rights to the company.

The controlling interest belongs directly to the founder of Aeroflot, namely, to the government of the Russian Federation. The controlling stake is 51%, which allows the company to be practically state-owned. All rumors about the ownership of a controlling stake in a foreign legal entity are nothing more than rumors.

Despite the objective figures, not everyone is ready to believe in the only truth. The last 49% of shares can belong to anyone, especially foreign legal entities or individuals. This has long been a stumbling block and an instrument in the political struggle of various factions. Disputes about who owns Aeroflot, are maintained even in our days. However, according to statistics, Russian citizens and companies own more than 35% of the remaining shares.


Since 2009, the post of the General Director of Aeroflot has been occupied by Vitaly Gennadievich Savelyev. The first 5 years in this position and the new policy of the company proved to be very fruitful. Vitaly Gennadievich was appointed to the post again.

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