Eternal dispute: which video cards are the best?

Trying to find the answer, which video cards are best, is like proving to a person suffering from allergies to citrus that oranges are useful. Traditionally, there are two players on the market who divide it among themselves. And they do it quite successfully, so that users can only watch and choose. More disputes can only be raised by the question regarding AMD or Intel processors.

Indeed, both players, part-time main and almost the only participants in this battle, have been fighting for several years already. Nobody wants to give up their positions, but at the same time the struggle between them is so strong that users get new models regularly, and they do not put prices sky-high on their products. However, there is still a question of quality and performance, which, in fact, helps to answer which video cards are the best?

Most of all this question puzzles the minds of fans of computer games. They conduct tests and compare their results among themselves, share their impressions. But what do Ati and nVidia actually offer?

Model series of video cards

It is difficult to compare these two brands, if only because they adhere to several different positions. Often, all supporters are divided in half, depending on which video card is installed in the computer - Radeon or GeForce. And these boards in some cases are accidentally received together with a ready-made system unit or in the notebook manufacturer's configuration.

Moreover, to at least try to answer the question which video cards are best, one should take into account the fact that the companies produce whole model lines. And each model is different in price and performance. In addition, every company has "hard days", so this or that version may not be very successful, but very quickly the situation is leveled.

Again, much depends on what the user is interested in, what kind of video card is best for a laptop or for a desktop computer, because the same versions may differ in performance depending on the version - mobile or full. It is also necessary to take into account those circumstances and tasks for which the video card is selected. For games, the ones that are suitable for working with graphics and video are different.

General trends

Of course, it can not be denied that there is always a general trend with all video cards, on the basis of which each user can draw a conclusion for himself, which is the best video card for him.

Traditionally, Radeon products are considered to be somewhat more productive than GeForce video cards, but NVIDIA has always been attentive to its development and service organization for its customers. They rarely have problems with installing drivers and supporting certain technologies in games, which in some cases compensates for slightly weaker hardware.

Already more than once, when the company Ati was not ready to exit this or that game, low-quality drivers reduced performance due to poor optimization. But if everything is done at the proper level, that the hardware part showed all its potential and noticeably bypassed the speed and quality of the video card under the nVidia GeForce brand.

Real professionals look at the indicators of "overclocking" opportunities, cooling and possible problems with overheating, on the support of certain technologies. Although in general, both experts and users agree that in one price category there are video cards of approximately the same capacity, capable of coping with this or that game with equal results. In addition, when deciding which video cards are best, it is worth remembering that performance is determined not only by the video card, but by the entire system as a whole.

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