Digital camera Samsung ST60: specifications, settings, reviews

The Korean manufacturer Samsung cautiously approaches to formation of the ruler in a phototechnics segment. This niche is not a priority for the company, so developers go in proven ways, mastering the most predictable concepts. These include a class of small digital cameras that are characterized by a relatively modest filling and minimalist design without unnecessary elements. Among the representatives of this group in the family of the manufacturer stands out the model Samsung ST60, which demonstrates the classic features of a compact digital budget.

General information about the camera

The device absorbed many progressive qualities and functions for its class, among which the possibility of shooting video, zoom lens, a matrix of 12.2 MP, etc. At the same time, the budget and the limited resources of the component base did not allow to offer creators quality, noticeably It goes beyond most compact entry-level digital cameras. Again, the wide functionality outshines the fairly average quality of the resulting photo and video materials. However, if you recall the price tag, which is only 3,5-4 thousand rubles, then claims to certain characteristics of shooting fall off by themselves. In general, the model turned out to be practical and convenient. But these are not the only advantages that the Samsung ST60 model distinguished itself. The PowerPlant charger quickly replenishes the power supply of the BP70A, allowing you to also monitor the intensity of the process with a special indicator. It is pleasantly surprising and the LCD-display, which supports the function of automatic correction of parameters taking into account external factors. These features themselves knock out the device and among representatives of budget models.


Before reviewing the characteristics it is important to emphasize that this camera was at the peak of popularity back in 2010, and it is obvious that by today's standards its characteristics look rather average, if not modestly. On the other hand, the camera Samsung refers to the digital technology in which each performance indicator declared by the manufacturer corresponds to the actual result. And now it's worth considering the parameters of the Korean camera:

  • The type of the matrix is CCD.
  • The number of active pixels is 12.2 million.
  • The focal length ranges from 2.7 to 1.1 cm.
  • The optical zoom is fourfold.
  • Crop factor of the model is 5.7.
  • The resolution in the maximum format is 4000x3000.
  • The sensitivity of the matrix is from 80 to 3200 ISO with support for automatic tuning.
  • The range of the flash is up to 3.8 m.
  • The minimum photographing distance is 5 cm.
  • The format of video recording is MPEG4.

Camera Settings

The user receives several controls on the case, but the main emphasis is still on the digital interface. The developers used the classic structure in the menu, which has access to the selection of shooting modes, the parameters of the liquid crystal display, etc. It is provided in the Samsung ST60 and the possibility of automatic correction. Intellectual selection of filters, for example, is not present in all public sector employees of this class. By specifying the settings through the automatic mode, you can count on the optimal characteristics of photo and video. However, to fully disclose an individual approach is possible only on the condition of manual selection of the most beneficial parameters from the point of view of the task in view.

Samsung ST60 functions

In terms of immediate shooting capabilities, you can highlight a well-implemented filter system, the presence of a viewfinder and focus. It can not be said that these options are comparable to analogs, which provide more expensive models, but for its segment this is quite a decent level. As for the filters, the developers envisaged the modes of "vignetting", "miniature" and "fisheye". And their choice and correction can be carried out intellectually. The viewfinder, which provides a digital camera Samsung ST60, allows you to soften the so-called damping and more clearly fix the target at the time of shooting. This function is widely used today in models of any level, but much depends on the quality of its performance. In Samsung, this option manifests itself with maximum benefit for the characteristics of the resulting materials. But this can not be said about the work of focus, which can lead at a critical moment - there just is not enough coordinated automation work.

Shooting a video

The quality of video recording in the devices of the budget class in most cases leaves much to be desired. But there are also models in which this mode, on the contrary, positively blocks and unsuccessful photography. The ST60 model nominally allows recording in HD format 720p, supporting a frequency of 30 fps. Also, the use of special settings makes it possible to double the write speed without losing the quality of the material. In terms of functionality, work in this mode is not allocated from the segment. A set of options for video shooting, which has a camera Samsung, is minimal and will interest only amateurs. But the quality of the clips compensates for this flaw too. Moreover, the budget matrix is hardly a successful tool for implementing special recording formats. The received video materials, by the way, can be viewed without loss of quality on high-definition HDTV television screens. The camera is connected using an HDMI cable.

Positive reviews

Having chosen the long-mastered concept of compact, inexpensive digital cameras, the creators were able to translate practically all of their advantages into the model. Users, in particular, point to a thoughtful and ergonomic design of the body of the device, functional stuffing, convenient placement of buttons and reliability. There are also positive opinions about the camera, not typical for budget products of this type. For example, durability and unpretentiousness - these qualities are facilitated by the care of the Samsung ST60. The reviews here also show that the manufacturer has chosen expensive materials for the hull. And this is seen on the surfaces of the design, organically arranged without backlashes and gaps.

Negative feedback

Directly to the working qualities of the claims a bit. In an optimal functional state, the model adequately generates its resource, providing an acceptable quality of the survey. But the owners and some occasional camera malfunctions note. Many people say that sometimes the Samsung ST60 turns on and off immediately without getting into the working state. As experts note, this problem can be solved in one of two ways. First, check the state of the battery charge, and secondly, to assess how correctly the work focus. There may be a malfunction with its sensors or the drive mechanism.

There are some claims to the work of the focus, not related to the arbitrary shutdown of the camera. If the Samsung ST60 does not focus properly, then again it should be disassembled. The output from the position can be the correction of the position of the sensors and the motor of the drive mechanism of the system.


The initial level of digital cameras is the most attractive segment for many manufacturers as one of the most popular. At the same time, not everyone succeeds with minimal resources, due to the low cost of the device, to offer a truly interesting model. And in this sense Samsung ST60 is one of the best developments in the class. If you make an amendment to the limitation of its release, the camera can compete for the place of the most successful representative in the budget category. Of course, there were some shortcomings, but they can be ignored if we take into account the low cost of development and the overall quality of the survey. In terms of technological excellence, there may also be different opinions, but the model is justified at least by the fact that all the functionality is implemented qualitatively. Another thing is that today this set of options is mandatory for the lowest-level models.

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