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Unfortunately, the amount of time a modern person spends for communicating with nature is minimized, especially among urban residents. Most often, the relationship of people with the surrounding animal and plant life ends at the level of visiting the zoo or oceanarium, where you can see their inhabitants.

The contact zoo in Minsk radically changes the minds of both children and their parents about the inaccessibility of the animal world for the urban dweller.

Purpose of the contact zoo

It's no secret that direct contact of a person with an animal is not only an excellent psychotherapy, but also a new life experience. Especially it concerns the child's consciousness. The cases of introduction into the practice of communication of a person with an animal during the rehabilitation of patients or mentally traumatized have been known for a long time. This type of treatment is called animal therapy. Especially it concerns domesticated pets.

With animal therapy, cats, dogs, aquarium fish and parrots are most often used. In the aquariums, a system for treating humans through communication with dolphins has been developed. The contact zoo "Country of Enotia" in Minsk allows children to communicate not only with animals that can be bought at any pet store, but also with those that can be seen only in the forest or in the countryside.

It is revealed that the space in which there is some home beast is harmonized. This positively affects people in stressful situations, and children stop hysterical and moody. The idea of opening mini-zoos, where there is access to animals, with which you can not just take pictures, but also play, feed, useful for society as a whole.

To date, the third contact zoo in Minsk has been opened from 10 planned establishments of this kind.

SEC "Titan"

This shopping entertainment center is well known in Minsk. Here everything is arranged for a quality family vacation. While mom and dad are watching a movie or dining in a restaurant, their children are waiting for an exciting labyrinth, games with animators, laser battles, bowling tournaments and much more.

Since 22.08.2015 the first contact zoo in Minsk in "Titan" works. He united children and their parents in personal participation in the life of a mini-zoo.

Under this unique project is allocated a room area of 300 m 2 , in which the walls are decorated in the style of the favorite children's cartoon film "The Family Cruds". Funny protagonists "watch" for several dozen open-air cages in which live animals live.

To ensure that people do not harm the inhabitants of the zoo, they follow the workers. In a situation where animals need rest, they close the enclosures for 20-30 minutes so that their pets can rest from their child's attention. Thus, the contact zoo in Minsk in "Titan" was the first to connect residents of the capital to contact with lovely animals and birds.

Inhabitants of the zoo in the "Titan"

Among the "tenants" of a mini-zoo can be seen:

  • Pony, which is so nice to comb the mane;
  • Sheep and goats, always snatching food from their hands;
  • Rabbits, which everyone likes to hold in their hands;
  • Mobile and brisk ferrets;
  • Raccoon dogs, philosophically perceiving children's attention;
  • Guinea pigs and completely not prickly hedgehogs.

In total, the contact zoo in Minsk (address - Dzerzhinsky Ave., 104) has more than 20 species of animals and birds. The favorites of the little guests of the zoo are wavy parrots, which can be planted in their hands, unlike a large and important peacock, which is better to watch from afar.

Employees of the zoo warn that jewelry and bright accessories should be left in the storage room, since raccoons, these gangsters in masks, will not fail to steal them. In addition to the animals known to animals, a contact zoo in Minsk offers to get acquainted with a rare guest - a skunk that can be picked up without fear of a specific odor.

SEC "Tiwali"

The shopping and entertainment center "Tiwali" is amazing by its scale. Here there is everything to not only buy the necessary products and goods, but also usefully spend time with the whole family.

At 65,000 m 2 there are shops, gambling halls, a cinema, cafes and restaurants, and now the biggest contact zoo in Minsk. In the "Tiwali" under it allocated 400 m 2 of area. The interior of the zoo is made in the style of another favorite cartoon children - "Madagascar".

In 20 open-air cages, many animals have settled comfortably, with which children and adults alike are very happy to contact. Located in one of the most densely populated areas of the capital, the contact zoo in Minsk in the "Tiwali" is not empty even on weekdays.

For all the inhabitants of the menagerie, optimal conditions have been created to make them feel comfortable and do not need anything. An experienced veterinarian observes the animals, and aviaries regularly clean the employees of the zoo. Guests are necessarily accompanied by an experienced guide who not only tells the story of each pet, but also ensures that children and animals do not injure each other.

The contact zoo in Minsk on Pritytsky became a cozy home for its inhabitants.

"Tenants" of the zoo in the "Tiwali"

Located in the background of scenes from the "Madagascar" aviaries with their inhabitants very harmoniously fit in the interior. Among those who can be looked at, patted, fed, even picked up, are:

  • Sociable chipmunks;
  • Curious raccoon raccoons, from which it is necessary to hide everything shining and bright;
  • No less interesting nosuhi;
  • Restless ferrets;
  • Lazy guinea pigs;
  • Quick rabbits;
  • Meets the guests of the zoo majestic alpaca with his baby.

Of feathered dwellers, special attention is paid to mandarin ducks floating in an artificial pond. All familiar pigeons sit down on their hands in search of food, and decorative chickens surprise with their plumage the youngest guests of the zoo.

The contact zoo in Minsk, no matter where it is located, has its own system of rules for visitors, which should be strictly observed.

Rules for visitors

To avoid problems when people contact animals in the menagerie, when buying tickets, each visitor, regardless of age, is given out shoe covers and his hands are disinfected. This precaution, rather, for the safety of animals, as people clean and vaccinated animals are not threatened.

Far from all the inhabitants of the zoo can touch. For example, in an aviary to raccoon dogs can only enter in the presence of an employee who carefully monitors, so that children do not frighten the animals. Most of the children are near the departments in rabbits, squirrels, hedgehogs and guinea pigs. They can not only be ironed and fed, but also picked up.

For most children, such contact occurs for the first time, so the reaction is completely different. Someone may even burst into tears of fear, but more often kids with curiosity and trust treat animals and birds.

I'm not going to bring food to the zoo from home, but at the entrance you can buy everything that its inhabitants love so much. One glass with fruits and vegetables costs 20 000 bel. Rubles, and two will cost 30 000 bel. Rubles (80 and 120 rubles, respectively). Perhaps the pleasure is not cheap, but the experience gained by children with animals and positive emotions are worth it.

Every 30 min. Beasts are given rest, if the caretakers notice that they are tired of communicating with people. If animals sleep in their enclosures, they are not allowed to disturb, they can only be observed.

Additional Entertainment

Since children can be difficult to take away from animal enclosures, and some of them simply need a temporary change in the environment and activities, the founders of mini-zoos provided special zones in the zoo.

Children's desks with comfortable chairs are designed for children to draw favorite animals. To do this, on each table there is paper, pencils and markers. For older children equipped with a board on which you can not only depict the inhabitants of the zoo, but also learn how to correctly write their names.

Experienced animators spend with children quizzes and competitions for better knowledge of flora and fauna. The contact zoo (Minsk), whose mode of operation allows everyone to join their inhabitants every day from 10.00 to 21.00, is an excellent example of how to teach kids not to be afraid of the outside world, but to respect and appreciate it.

Pet-therapy sessions

For children with developmental problems on weekdays there are free classes on pet therapy. This helps the kids to get out of their painful condition, learn to trust animals and understand them.

All lessons last 1 hour, they are conducted by specialists in animal therapy. All emotions and states of children are tracked from one session to another to mark changes in their mental state and to change the program if necessary.

As practice shows, communication of sick children with animals helps to speed up recovery.

Further development of contact zoos

Given that the contact zoo in Minsk, ticket prices of which are 80 000 bel. rub. (320 Russian rubles) on weekdays and 100,000 bel. rub. (400 rubles) on weekends, it does not exist empty, it has a great future.

All 10 planned mini-zoos will become places where children can get a new experience that will forever make their life more kind and interesting.

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